Rescue Journal

rainbow update

Carol  ·  Nov. 5, 2007

well she crossed that invisible line yesterday morning...the one that says all hope has gone. saturday i was asking for her to get better, yesterday, i wanted her to hold on til that bloodwork came back just in case we could have a rainbow colored miracle. last night i just asked for her to be content and comfortable til i can get her to one of the vets far, that wish is here. i gave her all the fluids and the vetamino that the vet told me too, and i added some metacam just in case. and trusty old tramadol is always the back up if it looks like she might be in pain.

i am on the early shift again today but will start calling the vets as soon as they open and i will take my lunch break as soon as someone can squeeze us in.

her abdomen is quite distended this morning so i think her liver is finally packing it in.

rainbow came here because she was not a nice cat. she didn't like animals and she bit humans hard too. but for all of the time that she has lived with us, she has been an incredibly loving and very sweet cat.

i will miss her freaking me out in the night time as she snuggled and nibbled on my neck because even tho she never bit me i knew she could if she wanted to.

i hope the bloodwork says i didn't miss something that could have been fixed. i hate the not knowing cuz i am always thinking it might be my fault.



i met rainbow when i was last visiting (that was when clyde had just arrived). she was SO friendly to me- coming over, sitting on my knee, and purring madly as she nipped my fingers and gloried in her pets. she was giving me SO much fuss, even clyde was peeking out of his carrier and coming over, wanting a pet but rushing back every time i was going to give him one.


I have only met Rainbow 3 or 4 times and she has been on my lap every one of those times. I was never on the receiving end of a bite but I knew it was a possibility (a calico thing). I kind of like that! Fingers crossed for her today Carol.