Rescue Journal

the thing i miss the most is the loss of a functioning brain

Carol  ·  Nov. 6, 2007

i don't know what i was thinking, obviously i wasn't thinking at all. but i got the barn cleaned after work and then went over and started cleaning and goofing with the ameri-cats (they were upset cuz greg is banging away in there, but they better get used to it cuz we might be banging away in there all thru the winter if we can squeeze out the funds. a little bit here and a little bit there and by spring a fully finished multi-purpose area! that is how you get things done at saints, it works but a little bit does go on forever, hey guys?)

anyway, back to being a doorknob...what i should have done was haul over the hay and re-stock the feed bins while i still had some light.... cuz.... the ameri-cats are energy consumers and they have electricity in their house...the feed shed and hay storage area do not. so that was not too bright.

ah well...i just called greg and he will re-stock for me tomorrow so when i get home from work and get messed up with time again, i won't be swearing with no feed or hay in the dark. thank you greg!

i noticed today that mr. pee-alot raymond is finally packing on some much needed weight. i cannot handle the amount of urine he puts out..(ten times as much as jazz and wilbur combined, sigh...i miss them both alot)...anyway... i have a plan!

he goes to the clinic on thursday on my lunch break and he stays there for bloodwork, urinalysis, and pre-op exam. and if all goes well, he can be neutered and a have a much needed dental early friday morning. in a couple of weeks i can move him into the big dog rooms (this is where the door is open all day, so he hopefully will go in and out to pee...please.) AND it means i only have to take him to the vet once, not twice..ha ha i am smart!

i feel somewhat bad that he will be spending the night, he won't be happy and the clinic will be mopping up a ton of pee. but then they will see exactly how much he puts out because i am not sure they really believe me when i tell them it is GALLONS. i know it isn't infection because he is still on both keflex and baytril so it must be the renal insufficiency...we can compare the blood work from the pound's vet to ours, a couple of weeks later, and get a good idea of where he is going with this. AND i get a whole night of raymond pee-free...told you i was smart! nothing like killing a bunch of proverbial, (not real,) birds with just one big freaking stone!

cuddles, the new cling on, is worming his way inside me. i picked him up off the couch last night where he was sleeping and took him to bed with me. i made a small mistake on the way, i forgot to take him out to there i was at midnight again, changing my reminded me of the little hobbit and i miss him alot too. there must be something wrong that i miss my favorite pee'ers.

and just so you all know...i now have THREE poodles all sleeping in my bed every night. i am a rotti, or pitbull, or hound dog fan...and now i have a pack of poodles sleeping with me?

rescue wrecks some perfectly good people.

and, double sigh...apparently it is soccor bowl night yet again...clyde is on a roll.