Rescue Journal

the cute, the not so cute and the simply annoying

Carol  ·  Nov. 9, 2007

the cute...

i trimmed up sweet pea's ears and now she looks like she has a cool bob cut!

chicklet likes to have her butt scratched and her tongue goes a mile a minute with each scratch.

i am finally figuring out how ruby communicates. she sits and looks at whatever it is that she if she wants up on a bed (that raymond just peed on) she sits there and stares at it til you get her a dry one and then she hops up as quick as she can (it is not a very effective hop but she tries) if she wants her canned lunch, she sits on her bed and she stares at the floor facing the middle of the room (this is her "i am waiting to eat" method of communicating)

sir pee-alot (is still peeing alot but you can't really get mad) as you get up once again to grab the mop, he gently wags his tail to praise you for doing your job. he also is really the nicest dog in world and he just finished giving tyra's face a nice bath.

corky is adorable and she likes to talk alot and she doesn't care that i can't understand. but when i get it right and bring her the treat she wants, i am pretty sure she tells me i am a good girl.

ronnie and sanjaya were wrapped around each other like pretzles. both of them make me feel soft and warm...the innocent babe and the wise and weathered old man.

the not so cute...

we just pulled a tick out of merlins right ear. since he is one of the americats and confined to the americat room...i am assuming the little bugger was a stowaway and flew up here from the american desert. i agreed to take in 12 and that is what we did, and number thirteen is not welcome here.

aladdin has blood in his feces today so i will have to watch him. he is eating and drinking and otherwise well but i will collect up a spec to get it checked out just in case.

the simply annoying...

clyde bit me hard twice today...once when he was freaking out and saying hello. the second time was a few minutes ago when he was aiming for raymond thru the open door. i don't like getting bitten twice in one day clyde, try really hard to keep it to the occasional mistake please.

swinger thinks it is funny he can open his stall door so we have had to lock him in. well tonight he picked the lock. he doesn't even bother to walk out the open door anymore...he just stands there and bangs his door back so i know he just did it again.

mugsy and cleo are starting to bark at ellie and edith and pete thru the fence...mugsy is not as deaf as i originally thought cuz he can sure hear an angry "get the hell away from there!"

i think tonight will be a movie and laundry marathon night...why? because it is what i feel i should do. the laundry will get done and cuddles will get to lay on the couch with me and sweet pea and tiger lily (but not " poop a mile" molly) unless she knows we are in there, then she will raise such a fuss that i will cave in and let her join us.