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to clarify donations to SAINTS thru payroll deductions

Carol  ·  Nov. 9, 2007

i got an inquiry regarding why we had not sent out a tax receipt for donations made to saints thru workplace united way campaigns with automatic employee payroll deductions...i figure if one person is asking someone else is probably wondering too.

when we receive the accumulated funds from united way of all the donations made specifically to saints (not many)...we are not told who the individual donations are from...altho sometimes they list which company the employee works for. we are told NOT to send out tax receipts to the companies listed and so we do not.

if it is any consolation to anyone...i have been donating to saints thru my payroll plan since our inception...and i have never gotten a tax receipt either! but i might ask human resources who manages the compaign thru my workplace exactly why that is... if i remember.



thx jean! i will pass on the info and now i know for when the next person asks.


Box 46 on the T4 you get from your company lists the sum of your charitable donations made through work, such as deductions for United Way. You then claim that on your tax return, even though you don't get an individualized receipt from either United Way or from the organizations you specified your money should go to.