Rescue Journal

i am chuckling

Carol  ·  Nov. 12, 2007

eva just left me a message, she is still trying to get on the blog, she is bound and determined that her much beloved bunnies will get equal recognition.

i am not phoning you back eva cuz i really can't tell you how to get on (nicole or chris always puts me back on when i mess up and get kicked off) and if i even tried to tell you, it just wouldn't work cuz i suck with computers almost as much as you do! will think i am lying and messing with your head and then you will blame me instead of shaw. i like it when you blame shaw, i think it is funny and the thought of nana harrassing some poor internet phone tech for 2 hours just makes my day. (some people really do earn their wages)

email nicole, she will help you...maybe.



someone get eva to send me an email so i can give her a username and password.


but she wants to post bunny stories and whatever eva wants, eva gets or i will never hear the end of it so she will need a username and password soon.

Chris T

She does not need a username and password to comment. She can just type one in and I will approve it. She can then comment as much as she wants!


Eva This is a comment to our dear Carol.I am so glad she never thinks about the fact that we have too many animals as when I come here daily) There is always a surprise !! And of course when I hear , we have to cut back I pretend I didn't hear it!! The cats are lovely and I come to see them , now they know my voice, oh oh.
As for the bunnies, They are so sweet and so much fun!! They rarely bite and have destinct personalities so feel free to come and cuddle a bunny. I will be able to be on the blog soon and I will give you the funny stories. So watch for the old lady soon Nana.

Chris T

I just tried to help Eva. I think she needs a new username and password set up...but she can still comment and I told her how to do that!