Rescue Journal

two peas from the same pod

Carol  ·  Nov. 14, 2007

ok so i am probably going to give you more info then any of you possibly want, but bear with me on this, my story has a moral, and morals are what stories are all about. (plus i am waiting to push thru the last load of laundry and i have to wait another 26 minutes, so i have nothing else better to do except tell stories before i go to bed.)

i am not sure who is my closest shadow...clyde or our new girl harley. and they are complete and total opposites except in this one simple thing.

now trying to get into the bathroom alone is a bit of a challenge around here...don't ask me why but all of them want to go with me but there is only 2 feet of floor space. so i try to open the door quickly and slip in as fast as i can and tonight i wasn't fast enough and sweetpea, harley and clyde got in too.

now sweetpea just wants to be with me, plus she equates the bathroom with food, cuz eva used to feed her in there but hasn't for a long while but sweetpea remembers so the bathroom and me together usually equal a good thing. she is so tiny that she just wanders under both clyde and harley. so she pretty much is not a problem as long as neither of them step on her.

harley is smart she flips around and sits very tight and close to me while i try to pee and she lays her head against my side and remains motionless, content that i am finally sitting still.

clyde is a different matter, he has both front feet up on my knee and he is desperately trying to grab one of my hands between his freaking sharp little teeth.

and all of a sudden it hit me, that even tho harley is the very best dog in the world and clyde absolutely has to be one of the worst...that both of them are exactly the same in one very small way....they are desperate to feel loved.

and that got me thinking if this is true for them, who are polar opposites in everything else...then maybe it is true for others too.

so what if all the people who piss me off and those that i piss off too, and all of those in this world who are nice or are not, are really not very different at all. maybe we all desperately need the very same thing.

so the moral of my story is....

all you need is da la dadah...all you need is love... la da la dadah...all you need is love, love, love is all you need...

i am singing and going to put that last laundry load in and then i am going to bed.



Oh Carol, it's hard to imagine 3 dogs in there with you. And Harley is big!! By the way, I LOVE the picture of Mugsy on the animals page. Hilarious! Was it taken mid sneeze? See you sunday!

Chris T

I think the fumes from the soiled bedding are going to your head. I hope you get that new washer soon!