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Nicole  ·  Nov. 19, 2007

so I was checking the stats for the website and I had to share some of the search engine words/phrases that people were using which caused the saints website to come up in their search results (and they clicked on it).
These aren't made up: (I bolded my favourites)

-i need glasses
-saints for teenagers
-saints who helped people with ears
-woodle dog behavior
-enema cattle prod
-headache just woke up
-ripple effect chocolate
-fireplace with sandy all over lexi
-i am becoming the woman i ve wanted grey at the temples
-pictures of obstructed bowels
-nighttime pacing in dogs
-mobile lunch wagon
-soybean bacon
-media frenzy pit bulls
-bad saints
-blue pitbull skin bumps
-bathing pitbulls
-cleaning our a pig barn
-big dog fireworks
-betty saints boob
-a street dog named desire
-chi pom biting
-dog is water-crazed
-crap man
-chaotic saints
-soft feces cats
-what society needs today?



glad to see that someone out there is thinking of cleaning their pig barn and what society today really needs...i don't qwuite get the enema cattle prod but whoever is looking for that sounds pretty damn mean.