Rescue Journal

tying up the loose ends of stuff happening around here

Carol  ·  Nov. 19, 2007

raymond is still not home altho he did have his surgery today and did well. the vet can't age him from his teeth because they are worn down to stubs (that poor dog must have been kenneled and chewing on the fencing for many years) anyway she kept him over night because he is still having trouble fully emptying his bladder so he will be staying in with a cathetor insitu over night.

dr patrelli came and she had a look at faith, packer, the americats, swinger, spritely and jeanette. she is thinking about most of the guys but the americats she just wants me to keep doing what we are doing (but to reduce the coldquell dose now that their URI is improved)..she said they all look really good!

i had some help today...shelley came out and helped with these guys and greg did up the barn. elaine came this morning and hauled a huge bunch of laundry away.

my favorite image was when she brought the now clean folded linen back. i told her to leave it in the entrance way cuz carly obviously had no intention of moving. i went back to get it and that bloody, lazy pitbull had pulled out a huge pile of warm clean laundry and buried herself deep within. that dog happens to have one of the worst cases of hormonal induced urinary incontinence and she just totalled at least two loads of linen. but gosh she looked cute (and comfortable too)

and speaking of the laundry, yes the new machine arrived this afternoon...and that thing is erroring out which means the problem has to be not enough water pressure here to run freaking expensive, and freaking sensitive, and freaking technologically high end german made washer machines. now what am i supposed to do?



great video sheena..ha ha i saw it first cuz you are waiting for chris or nicole to let you on (first time posting thing to cut back on spam) i can see that you are waiting but i can't do anything about it cuz i suck. but i really enjoyed that video..old and sick maybe, but definitely NOT dead...looks like they are having alot of fun. that was nice to see this morning.

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I recorded this this evening. The fat black and white dog throughout is palliative, dying of lung cancer. She has maybe a month, maybe two... Happy as can be :) Just wanted to share.


I just picked up a copy of Tisols 2008 pet rescue calendar. It's a very good picture of Tally, also of Percy & Jeanette. I picked up an extra one for SAINTS and will bring it out next time I come.