Rescue Journal

thinking ahead...

Carol  ·  Nov. 24, 2007

i picked up small 3 foot christmas trees for each of the main animal cat area, dogs, and americats...small trees can go up high on something which means the animals can look but not touch!...i haven't decided what to do about the barn and rabbits yet...i want something to hang on their gates in those areas because the only free space is aisleway. i have decided to set up the big xmas tree in the multi-purpose room cuz then i don't have to worry who is lifting their leg on it when i am not looking. i am still holding out against xmas lights because that wastes too much electricity. and i am starting to think about their xmas gifts cuz last year i had to help them all open almost 100 small things.

so i am thinking for the americats...12 little stockings and not a wrapper in sight...12 ringing balls, 12 catnip toys and 12 small packets of temptations. for the house cats i am thinking one big stocking on their door and loading it full of the very same things cuz they all like the same stuff.

the big guys and little guys i am thinking of some squeaky toys and then stuffing their door hanging stocking with those gross pupparoni treats they all like so much and a some of those peanut butter dog bones that they like alot too. the rabbits will get some popcorn sticks and maybe each a new toy. the young barn guys need some new balls...everyone else will be happy with food, especially watermelon and bananas and melba toast and the chickens and everyone else would like some popcorn balls i bet too!

my kids are easy this year...i decided to get them each theatre tickets and gasoline cards. i will have to see who is doing what and when and then try to pick something they would enjoy.

i am getting this whole gift giving season alot of indepth and serious thought. i don't have much time and i don't have much moola so i better make every minute and dollar count. and once again i am working on christmas day so our gift giving is going to have to be efficient and quick!

christmas is alot of work, but since i started saints it has gotten alot less pointless. the point of the day is for everyone i love to have some extra happiness and i am already thinking and working on this.



Also does any one need or want a fresh xmas tree. I can get a free fresh tree from the real estate co. I used. I can pick up on dec 9th and deliver it.


what are popcorn balls and sticks? What about the parrot? Do you still need road salt? If so what type-the cheap stuff that is probably not so great for the ground or paws or the animal/concrete safe stuff that is coloured so you can see where you put it?