Rescue Journal

mugsy and cleo update

Carol  ·  Nov. 26, 2007

i had a nice hot nizoral bath tonight, and washington literally joined me (he fell in) far i am still ringworm clear and i hug cleo alot!. i checked over the big dog room today, and they still all look clear too. altho nicole found a very small patch on rocky the other night (which doesn't surprize me as he had a resistent case of ringworm when he arrived, so he is prone to it) i have been washing down cleo at night with a cloth soaked in nizorol and hibitane and applying her cream and i can't tell if she is getting worse or if the full damage is just becoming apparent. so tonight i went thru her with a fine tooth comb. i trimmed away any spots that looked suspicious and i didn't realize how extensive she truly was and there are definitely alot of areas that haven't been getting the cream. i am thinking of shaving her right to the skin so i can really see everything there might be to see.

she is so very good while i pick away at her, she loves me so very much. mugsy however laid on his bed and growled at me the whole entire time. (he has sore ears again and he is basically telling me not even to think about goofing around with him or his ears). i started him on painkillers and oral antibiotics and in day or two when they have started to make him feel better, i will have a go at his actual ears (with a muzzle.)

sooo, it will be a few weeks yet to see how this progresses, but i must say both of these dogs have been a bit of a headache. their dad sure knew who to leave them to when he passed away because they have required alot from me so far.

oh well, i love the difficult ones, (and i love both their freaking weird ears...they have THE best ears in the world)... these two sure have not been easy. but then who ever said rescue was easy anyway?



thank you diane...that is so great! we can now scrap snow shovels and heaters off that list!


I'm checking your list and checking it twice and have purchased two Oil heaters from Sears which should be at your Sears store on Thursday. (Please phone them before going to pick them up to make sure they arrived.) I am also sending some fleece blankets via Grayhound at the end of the week.