Rescue Journal

lot's of snow this morning

Carol  ·  Dec. 2, 2007

it is up to the dogs belly's. i am trying to decide if i want to risk driving my van over to the barn to unload...i think i have to because i still need to go and buy more straw for their beds and the van is currently full.

the good news is i got snow tires put on yesterday because i am a very smart person. i have little gripper ice things to go on my boots this year and good gripping snow tires now too. i am trying to avoid any further damage to my person cuz last years winter injury just about made me lose my mind.

please god or whoever, no major injuries or illness's or trauma's this coming new year.

jan 2005...moved to the first saints site...pipes froze and burst, the road washed away, and my father died before i could get there, i still feel guilty for that.

january 2006...moved to the new site, got pneumonia, almost killed myself for lack of medical care. and i still remember that as some of the hardest days of my life.

january 2007 i broke my freaking ankle and i am still afraid of falling again which is stupid cuz i have lived for like 49 years and never fallen and broken anything before.

so january 2008 i am hoping is kind to me, cuz the last 3 starts of the new year virtually sucked.



Hopefully the new year will be good to you as you do so much good for the animals. Remember the saying of everything comes in threes, you've had your 3 bad starts, now you should be due for some good years. I know Cuddles will try his darndest to make them good for you, even though he is a little clingon who expects attention 24/7.