Rescue Journal

ok enough of my soul searching

Carol  ·  Dec. 3, 2007

i am in the middle of a 2 day migraine and it happens to be that PMS'ing/peri-menopausal crazy carol time of the month that i think is so grossly unfair. i think menopause should be quick and brutal and just hit you all at once and whoever is left standing and not in an asylum gets to go on for a bit more of fun.

so today was a good day, despite my freaking headache. and it was partly ellie mae who made it so good. she has been limping for a couple of months now and the vets and i have discussed her ad-nauseum. first we tried just glucosamine (farm pigs are meant to be slaughtered before they grow so big) and then we added 8 ASA a day which did diddly squat i might add. and finally the vet said i could put her on bute cuz he is probably tired of listening about her sore leg. and dr. patrelli has ordered her some antibiotics to cover all the bases just in case. (she ordered them today so i will pick them up tomorrow)

ANYWAYYYYYY....yesterday, ellie came out of her stall on her knees. i was horrified and i said to mo "OMG! what the hell is she doing?" and she walked around on her poor knees for a couple of minutes before she finally got up and walked right. i have been baby'ing her since then and have left the cow/goat barn open for her so she can be dry and warm and lay down whenever she wants.

i did a web search last night for pigs with mobility issues and i talked with janice about it too. there are so many nasty diseases and problems with pigs being all just freaked me out more. she is better. in fact she feels so much better, jeanette and percy and edith and pete wished she was still sore. she has been chasing those guys all over the riding ring AND she has been running the fence line and playing with mugsy (who probably is not so much playing as wanting to get her) but ellie was playing even if he wasn't. and OMG made me feel so good to see her feeling so well.

never under-estimate the power of a good pain control (and yes janice i know she might hurt herself more cuz she doesn't feel the pain when she is running but today i did not care) and i will pick up her antibiotics tomorrow and i am hoping that whatever her limping problem, we finally can just make it go right away.

clyde nipped greg in the leg when he came in today...clyde is in his little bastard mode again. dexter kept ripping the clean bedding out of my hands while i was trying to make their beds nice and neat. he thinks neat and tidy are not fun, but a good tug-a-war is a better use of time...sigh, he is right of course, but i did want their beds to be tidy...oh well, maybe tomorrow they will be.

i keep shutting ogidie in the bathroom every single time he looks like he might be wanting a snack. so far he has been in there 3 times today and he has eaten 1 and 1/2 cans of food. the problem is that once i put him in there, i tend to get distracted and forget to take him back out...he has had diarrhea in my bath tub three times already and i am starting to worry that repeated bleaching is going to wreck the surface of my new tub... i should just put a cat box and a bed in there for the next time i forget him because we both know i will.

2 days in a row that i have gotten thru all the laundry...whoohoo! i am just so happy with me. and our wanna-be saints, wolfie and zues were back this morning, but they have gone home again too. i was going to make their dad jump start my van because the battery was dead and i figured he couldn't say no cuz i keep grabbing his escaping dogs for him too. but greg got here first so he got my van going, i hope it starts again tomorrow and the battery is not toast.

i forgot to mention that pat the cat will be going home on a trial with meghan...we hope her dog accepts him and pat likes it there cuz then pat the cat will have his very own home! and i i got this great call from a senior lady who just lost her senior chi, she was recommended by our vet...she wants a small dog and hopes we have someone that she can come to meet.

i asked her what cap she had on age limit, and she said she wants a senior not a pup...and i asked again, but how old of a senior (cuz most people want a young senior at best and most of our guys are 15-17) and i loved her answer, she said...."i am 82 and there is nothing wrong with that so the dog can be as old as it wants to be too" she and her friend (who share a house) will come and meet everyone and see if there is a match in this for all. i am thinking cuddles would be geat, or tiger lily, but you never can predict matters of the might just steal the day, that dog is so freaking cute, but he is a young senior so i am not sure.



That is the best answer anyone could give, bless that woman-maybe she will like Chiklet?:)
We are very excited to have Pat come stay with us, I've been telling Tommy about it and I can tell he is excited as well. See you next weekend, I miss you guys!