Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 5, 2007

i booked ogidie's euth for tomorrow with dave in maple ridge...i decided it was too long to wait til we can arrange for colleen to come here because he stopped eating last night. dave has been his vet for years and ogie has always hit dave's soft spot, so i thought it would be a decent compromise.

except...ogie hates going anywhere, anything new or different scares him so the trip to maple ridge will be hard....AND he started to wolf down his food tonight cuz i came home with another case of AD just for him.

hmmm....., he is perky, he is eating, he is drinking, his eyes have cleared up, he is once again following me around...but..... he still looks like a skeleton with skin and a little bit of fur in a blue and gold knit sweater.

well...if he eats in the morning i will cancel his euth and wait til we can get colleen up here.

he is such a gentle and sweet little cat. he has been with me for a long time, and he has come such a long way from the cat that no one ever used to see. i can't even count how many orphans he helped me successfully raise or the numbers of times that we both grieved their loss. ahh ogidie, the truly kind and compassionate cat.



Uncle Ogidie will tell you when it's time, Carol. He is sweet and loving and compassionate, but above all he is wise. He won't let you suffer, he knows that isn't fair.

Hillevi Dodson

Please give Ogidie hugs, kisses, and head butts from me. Our family is facing a similar dilema (one of our cats cancer has returned). My husband and I decided that when it is time, we will ask the vet to rehydrate her and provide some meds so that we can have a last good one or two days with her and then I will take her to be put to sleep. Perhaps Ogidie is allowing you that extra special time when they are youthful and healthy in actions - memories to be cherished - and reassurance that you are making the right decision.

My prayers are with you and Ogidie.


Sweet shy little Ogidie, give him a kiss and a gentle cuddle for me, tell him he is a very handsome and much loved little man child.


Some cats truly are kind and compassionate like Ogidie. My Kibble was like that and they make really good companions for people and other animals too. Cats like that seem like old souls who know what's going on and what has been. On a lighter note the snow last weekend coming down on the balcony sent Jenny into a frenzy. She demanded to be let out and spent 10 minutes trying to catch them! I think that cat led a sheltered life with Peggy because she was acting like she had never seen snow before.

PS Nudge says Hi