Rescue Journal

Dear Carol

Carol  ·  Dec. 6, 2007

I sent Vi and Pam and friends from Chilliwack and they are bringing you out some much needed financial donations, and if you would check the mailbox, you will find some christmas donations in there as well. All in total I think you should find just over $1600 today.

So please quit freaking out and bugging me right now and try harder with the faith thing cuz I am busy at this time of the year.


God (or whoever)



carol's email is not at .com, hopefully it got to the right address.

also, on the donations page if you click on jack's head it brings you to our paypal site.


Speaking of donations, check your inbox at too, otherwise that one will probably languish for ages as well.

Note to Carol: in the PayPal reference on the Donations page, specify the e-mail address we should use to PayPal you donations. I had to look and look, and in the end I had to use carol@saintsrescue, which I rather suspect is The Wrong One. :-)


You were trying to fake us out by using all those capital letters.....
As long as the only way you hurt yourself is by straining a muscle picking op all those donation cheques, it's all good.

Chris T

too funny. Guess you should check the mail more often. Perhaps that should be a New Year's Resolution for 2008. Na, never mind, you might hurt yourself!