Rescue Journal

so...about today

Carol  ·  Dec. 8, 2007

george and faith started their journeys to their new homes...they won't arrive there yet for awhile...they have a few days stop over in surrey before final transport to bev's on the island and she will keep them at her place while she finishes the final stages of their adoptions. faith is going into a home with a wonderful woman who already has a one eyed blind shitz so this sounds perfect for her. and bev says george's new home is with a great newly retired couple and it is a solid gold home too.

ogidie and ruby passed from home today. ruby did not like her pre-med injection but she was unconscious within mere minutes and slept thru the rest. ogidie had some vomitting as soon as he got his pre-med, and i am so sorry for that, but it too hit him very fast and he was soon asleep so i know they were both ready to go. rest in peace ruby, be young again...and ogidie you have been a truly great friend.

lana and laura, our new volunteers had their tour and pitched right in...they saw us at our early morning worst before the cleaning got done and saw how their help made it so very much better by noon. i think they will be back to help us again!

carolyn is another new volunteer, she is a reiki practioner...she spent alot of time with ellie mae and ellie really enjoyed the session. i went out and checked on her while carolyn was working with her and she oozed contentment and peace. we kept her in the barn today so she could rest and will probably keep her in tomorrow too. carolyn says it appears to be her shoulder and knee that is paining her. i know from when i worked in human hospice care, we had a reiki room on the unit and all of the patients reported feeling much more at ease and comfortable following their reiki sessions.

pat the cat has gone home with meaghan and my fingers are crossed that this is a great fit for the whole family.

and our party was a great success. there were so many people here with a wonderful feast.. it was one of the best parties we have had. it was nice to see oliver and paris and trevor and joey and cody (*altho i wouldn't let her stay for the party cuz she is our third to come down with ringworm) and joey bit mo on the thumb...that dog is lucky we don't take offence to little dogs who have issues... and joey's guarding issues are what lost him his very first home. and it was nice just to sit around, eat drink and have fun without working our asses off too. i think harley was the star of the party tho....she was just too freaking cute laying in my lap.

heidi got us a free little TV for the dog is an old zenith from way back when... it works like a dream and the remote is totally simple and even i can work it without a manual. we have gotten way too technologically complicated stupid...simple works absolutely just fine.

the americats got to share an entire fresh shrimp ring and can we just say that they liked that even better then chicken...shelley met them when they first came in and she thinks they look wonderful now too.

i am very tired and sore tonight, it was a very, very long day. as soon as i can get up from this computer chair, i am going looking for some pain meds for me before i start handing out everyone elses.



RIP Ruby and Ogidie...
Ogidie looked so old and ancient when I met him, almost 2 years ago. He certainly hung on and lived a good long life!!

Carol, take care...



Thanks Carol for a great party!! My favourite kind with lots of animals and good food!. Merry Christmas everyone and all the best for 2008. Cheers.

Hillevi Dodson

Ogidie and Ruby be at peace. Embrace your wonderful new surroundings and watch over Carol as she has watched over you. God Bless.