Rescue Journal

it is snowing

Carol  ·  Dec. 9, 2007

...not too happy about that. my back is still wrecked from the last snow fall we had. hopefully we don't get so much and hopefully it doesn't get so wet and heavy when it is so deep and hopefully it doesn't flood the place when it melts like it did last week.

clyde did settle and slept reasonably well. i think in retrospect, he might have had a small seizure on friday night too. he was curled up next to my chest and i felt him shiver and shudder for a few minutes, so i thought he was cold (i didn't have the heater on back there on that night) and i wrapped him in my blanket and after a few minutes he stopped and i went back to sleep. now i am thinking it maybe was another seizure cuz that is how he started last night, but i was a wake and watching a movie, so i know exactly what he was really up to. hmmm.....clyde having break thru seizures on this dose of phenobarb is quite a worrisome thing.

well...i think i need a mcdonalds breakfast to get me up and moving this morning. i skipped breakfast yesterday, which is probably why i felt so horrid by noon.

then i will brave the barn beasts and get the dogs out for a walk and by then my arthrotec will have kicked in and i will forget my old achey back and joints.

i think what i would really like for christmas is a younger body that works with less ouch. it doesn't have to be pretty, but stronger and painless would be helpful and while i am at it...i would like nicer hair that doesn't get all wierd and wild looking too.



It's snowing here to, just lovely! I'm glad Clyde settled for the night but I'm really sorry the seizures are starting again. That poor little guy must be wired backwards or something. Please give him a hug for me, if he'll allow it! Enjoy the snow and be careful, hopefully you won't get a huge dump.