Rescue Journal

i was right

Carol  ·  Dec. 10, 2007

i do need 3 days off in a of the nurses needed me to trade days off with her so i gained an extra day off (but i lost thursday) AND i got everything done...the dump run, the errands (yes the insurence stuff too and i am currently working on my very own personal laundry) do i get a 4 day work week?

the sky is utterly clear tonight and filled with a ton of stars...but the payment for this is it is freaking cold out there.

i am thinking of changing edith's name to "spike" or "killer" the dogs are all terrified of her. she quite enjoys bowling for dogs...they personally think it sucks. she just cracks me up...all of 20 pounds of personal power in a tiny librarian body....she actually managed to send tyra flying today...tyra thinks that cute little goat is a demon.

ellie is better today...i am a happy camper.