Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 10, 2007

raymond is just plain weird...he is currently laying on one of the dog beds licking the wall...he is putting on weight tho so i am happy about that. he is still peeing alot...i am trying to learn to live with that.

we might have to eventually worry about some weight issues with the americats...aladdin, mosley, and rock are bordering on plump. and today i noticed tiki has finally lost that hungry look too...with all that cat eats, plump can't be too far away. and we do have a pest in the making in albus has discovered that misfit shrieks when he gets in her face....guess who likes to make someone shriek? you betcha, good ole al....hmmm...i am thinking on this now. there was a pile of 6 kitties all sleeping in the red chair tonight...the rock, merlin, ronnie, sanjaya, red and "i am so shy" sunrise, were having a sleep over together in 2 square feet of chair space. it was hard to see where one ended and another began...i told them the couch was bigger, but they just looked at me like i was stupid. i don't get it so they must be right.

looks like cleo's ringworm is finally starting to clear fingers and toes are all crossed and twisted that finally we can put this to rest.

greg is switching over to the new small barn this week...i want to get it fully enclosed (we left the upper part in the back open cuz we needed to get the cat and the multi-purpose room done. and he will be hanging tarps this week to keep the wind off jeanette since she likes to sleep in the open undercover area, the ground surface is much softer than the stall mats on cement in the barn.

in case anyone is interested in how you give meds to take their 10 antibiotic pills and stick them into bananas. and then you make them a peanut butter sandwhich and you put their analgesic/anti inflamatory powder right in the middle of that....sigh...ellie is on the antibiotics for almost 8 weeks...wanna bet peanut butter sandwiches and banana's twice a day become a very hard habit to break.

we have a new bunny coming...this is a bunny that i know from years ago. he was adopted from the shelter i worked at and now he needs another home. since patches still hasn't got a friend, we decided to try them together...fingers crossed that they both want a new buddy and they develop a friendship.....if they don't...someone will end up in a cage temporarily until we can build another pen.

better go to bed...6 am comes way too early.



i had named him spike (we named the entire litter from buffy the vampire slayer)...his adopters named him pepsi....both names suck so yes he can be stu.