Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 11, 2007

this is a post with a purpose (hmmm...i wonder if that statement actually means something i should think on further) anyway...clyde is in someone's thoughts lately and i really do not verbally articulate clyde very well so i thought maybe i would write this and see if i can get out what i want to get out about clyde.

not all animals are put together very well. some have pieces that don't fit well or are missing altogether. not their fault, just how nature sometimes works (or doesn't). some animals cannot live in the real world...they cannot handle it and the world cannot handle them...again, no ones fault...just the way it sometimes works.

clyde is a question mark for me...i don't know if he can or can't function reasonably well in the real world...maybe, maybe not. we won't know until we try.

but here is what i do know about clyde. clyde is damaged...whether wholly or partly due to a seizure condition and whatever else has happened to him in his lifetime. has he been abused? maybe....has he lived with uncertainty and anxiety...probably. he strikes me as someone who has never really been loved and accepted and i do believe his life has never seemed to have any rhyme or reason for him to rely on. i think this because he tries too hard now, and usually he tries in all the wrong ways. so many of his annoying behaviors...mouthing, excitability, dependency are puppy behaviors...a broken innocent trying too hard to be loved and accepted....they are acts of desperation for him.

his fearfulness...yes clyde is afraid of collars and leashes, being restrained, angry voices, loud noises, being picked up, men in general, strangers, anything new or unknown....all stem from his lack of feeling safe inside himself and inside his world.

the picking him up is an odd one...he wants it...he wants me to lift him onto the bed each night. that is his very favorite place to be. he feels safe in the dark of the night, he feels happy close to you. but he hates being picked up, it makes him vulnerable and so he freezes rock hard solid, shrinks down and waits for it to be done. when the lift is finished, he explodes with that pent up, bottled hard energy. and like a puppy given a reprieve, he plays with rough abandon.

and then when it is all out...he shoves himself hard against you...pushing as close as he can. he goes for necks and heads and faces and pushes as hard against them as he can..."i belong"

and finally he sinks and settles against you and relaxes and trusts enough to sleep. sometime during the a few minutes or a few hours, he gets up and goes away. he is not meant for sharing soft safeness forever...he is used to being an isolated soul.

and every day is the same day for clyde...pushing and testing and taking what he can find to fill his heart as full as it will go. and it hurts him this living with not fitting in well and always trying so hard.

i don't know how clyde will do in the real world...he may not do very well...but he might. but any failure to cope out there will be from inside of clyde, from what is broken or missing. not his fault nor whoever decides to try.



Ok now I'm sniffly too, Carol that was beautiful. Clyde is a very special guy
PS. I gave Pat catnip, wowzers. It's made him a big fan of the dog, for now:)


500 mg BID...and get the glucosamine hydrochloride (vs sulfate) is more readily absorbed by dogs


I think your'e right about Clyde,Carol. I love that dog. I think he is really a very good, well behaved and loving dog, he just forgets or does nor know how to express that. What did you recommend for Trev ?glucosimine?(sp) how much? how often? see you soon.

Carol barn has a new ghetto blaster...and if we can find one of those whatever things and get someone to load it up for us with good music, it has a thingy docking station too... i think the barn guys miss their weekend tunes....(london drugs special RCA $39.95, my gift to the barn crew..two and four footed,) AND now i won't find my alarm clock hanging from a fence, sheesh why didn't i think to look there?! i am chuckling tho cuz between your brain and mine, we are all in deep do we keep track of all the critters?


Clyde grows on you & the more he trusts you the more of " him " you get to see. He makes me laugh & smile & for that I love him.


Oh Carol that made me cry. You have Clyde down to a tee. I think he's had a rough life and that combined with the fact his wiring seems to be crossed makes the world, and the people in it very scarey for him. I know he can be a little prick at times but I bet when you see the softer side at bedtime it makes you melt.