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life sucks

Carol  ·  Dec. 14, 2007

bad news on ellie all around....she will go the way of penny...(a commercial food animal bred to achieve maximum weight with minimum time and effort to maximize profit) and the fact that she and penny escaped that butchered fate does not mean they escape the consequences of mankind's greed.

penny died crippled at 5 months old, her femoral leg joints shattered from her unnatural size. how long does ellie have?...the vets don't know, it depends how long we can control her pain from her leg joints that are deforming from her growing weight. if ellie had been bred as a replacement sow for breeding this would not be an issue...they breed them with bones strong enough to carry their adult weight but the meat pigs are bred only to live for a few short months....the weiner piglets are slaughtered by 3 or 4 months old.

i am just so sad inside my heart tonight, and once again she came to the barn on her knees. i will have to figure out how to help her stay comfortably mobile for as long as we possibly can. and i will have to figure out a way for me to live with losing her a little bit more every day.

the vets have increased her pain meds, and Dr Patrelli is ordering her some special naturopathic concoction from Florida. and my job is to ensure that whatever lifetime she has is one that she values every day. the vets said maybe she might see another summer...i guess we will just take it one day ay a time.



Ellie has known nothing but unconditional love from you since day one, Carol. Except for the fictional Wilbur and Babe, I know of no other farm pigs as adored and respected as Ellie. You two have a bond that is as strong and true as any I have ever witnessed. I know how much you love your girl, and I'm sorry, so sorry, that you are so afraid for your beloved friend.


I was just thinking the same thing, a modified cart or one of those contraptions on wheels like they use for dogs who can't use their hind legs.


I wonder...could your girl use a modified cart of some sort? Just a thought, I suppose it would have to have a 4x4 mode :)

Violet Morse

Hi Carol,
I am so sorry about Elle, she is such a sweet pig.
I don't think I will ever eat pork again. Dammmm those breeders. Vi


To-day is sad..I am so sorry..
We were driving through Kennewich Washington last was an extreemly hot day. A truck pulled up beside us at a red light stuffed full of pigs like a chicken truck off to the slaughter house. They were squealing and panting and on top of each other..Poor Dave who is a vegetarian just about had himself. I just looked out the window and stared at them thinking how we could treat these poor creatures like this with no thought. I have not eaten pork since...poor Ellie..I am sorry as I know how much you love her..and she is such a sweetie..even if you couldn't get Dave to kiss her!!