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ha! i just figured out why rescuers should keep blogging!

Carol  ·  Dec. 17, 2007

blogging is the direct and accurate time line on what we do, when we do it and how we managed to get it all done. right there in black and white and all in logical, reasonable and sequentional order. i do believe in trying to keep things straight or else it gets pretty muddled up and inaccurate and then you have got a real problem with credibility.

i was cherry picking thru the TG blog trying to get some sense from all of the conflicting and ever changing accusations posted on BW. i noticed something and started to look closer at dates and is what i found documented on the TG blog

October 7.....45 sherriffs dogs arrive at TG.... all emaciated.

Oct 12...on site vet visit to assess health of sherriffs dogs.

October 13...kelly and bev arrive and leave with 2 sheriffs dogs.

Oct 22.... a truck load of shavings arrive for kennels and dog houses. (hey...i am on a 6 week waiting list for shavings down here how did they get them delivered in only in 2 weeks!)

Oct 24th.. SPCA inspectors visit and bring food for the sherriffs dogs

oct 24 cont... TG is down to 30 sherriffs dogs...15 sherriffs dogs have gone out to other rescues.

Oct 24th cont.... only 2 of the remaining dogs are still out on tie downs

October 31 All of the spueters completed on the sherriffs dogs.

so what did i pull out of 3 weeks sheriffs dogs speutered....2....15 sherriffs dogs were in fact moved out to other rescues.... and 3....43 of the 45 are off of chains by Oct 24...two short weeks after arrival (the other 2 might have been by the 31st but yvette doesn't say)

i am impressed...that is alot accomplished in 3 short weeks...the gospel of rescue is right...TG will not be what it was 7 days after the influx of 50 starving sled dogs when those pictures were originally taken.... when i go to visit on thursday, it will be different.... way to go TG, good job!

i just thought this was kind of interesting... i went back thru brindle too and took some notes... that was interesting too but i won't talk about that...i don't have too, it is all there in black and white.

i am going to blog EVERYTHING, it appears to be quite a useful endeavor.



I am going out of town on Thursday for 2 weeks.. I am hoping I shall be able to pop into a site somewhere to see how your trip up north goes Carol. Thank you so much for cherry picking through everything Carol. I had thought of doing the same thing but you did it so much better. The chain of events just didn't add up to me. I feel so good having read your information..that of JD Cave and now Lindsay's posts on Brindle just reminding folks of what they should and shouldn't say. Again I hope the animals do not suffer through this. My post about the Urgent Dog at CAC brought immedate reaction and that is least we can still work through all this ugliness to do what rescue is all about. "SAINTS" be praised...


I'll be very interested to hear about your trip to TG. Have a safe trip.


ratz!...still drop by if you can, there should be someone around and you can introduce yourself to pete and edith, they want to meet their new mom!


You're heading north the day I'm heading south - was going to try to drop in! Safe trip, tell Yvette that Tucker, our TG resuce guy is doing great. (And God bless Mr. Cave)


i peeked into brindle this morning...there are 3 seperate posts from JDCAVE...animals make me cry... alot...people, not so much.
this morning my eyes are wet...thank you mr cave...there is a god and he has sent someone to help our rescuers.


It is a huge relief to me to see you pull this out in black and white. You are a breath of fresh air in the foggy, sickening miasma surrounding the TG issue.

On the boards, one hears the question again and again: "Why can't you look past your egos for the sake of the dogs?" I think it's not going to happen, because I think in many cases these people are staring straight into their egos and thinking they are seeing the truth.

I didn't get it before. Until now, I thought it was about the dogs. But this episode has shown me that in so many cases it's about the group: MY status and standing in the rescue community, MY history in the rescue community, MY place in the pecking order. It's its own little world.

It WOULD be like high school, if it weren't for the dogs. But the fact that it's rescue brings in this whole extra layer of self-righteousness. It's sort of horrible watching people snipe at each other and climb to some kind of personal gratification on each other's backs--and then beat their breast and say "it's for the dogs."

I don't know how you do it. It must be a relief to come home to Clyde's seizures--at least they're honest.