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someone please help us

Carol  ·  Dec. 18, 2007

someone in response to another insanity fest posted on BW "it is too bad the animals cannot do better"...oh my god...i felt that right thru my heart. it is so simply true. we are shamed. each and everyone of us.

it is no good pretending we fought against this, it is no good pretending we are the good guys and they are the bad. we are responsible.

I am responsible...just the same as if one of my family hurt someone else on purpose, just like i am if one of my nursing colleages does something bad, just like i am if members of my rescue community engage in reprehensible behavior.

I am responsible...we are ALL responsible and oh my god...the animals, it is the animals that will pay the price for all of this mess.

everything we have worked for, every sacrifice will all disappear..... the public will not tolerate this. how will we help the animals if the public turns against us?

please, just make it stop...i thought this was just about TG, it is is about all of us.



lol...dirty money, dirty offers of help, dirty friends...never let any of them within 10 miles of your will hurt them in the end.


The public knows the difference.

The public can tell sane from mental.

Trust the public, and trust the sane folks who are keeping it all together.


the mods have been as brutally bullied trying to do their jobs as TG is being now and by the exact same people..they have to walk such a fine line to keep the peace that sometimes that line just disappears.
i am thinking we are all being held hostage.


The public won't turn against rescue in general, although it may turn against mean spirited individuals and the rescues they are associated with, the ones who thrive on negativity and innuendo, and who preach the gospel based on a snapshot in time during the most difficult time in an impoverished rescue's history. The public isn't stupid.

My question is why this "discussion" is being allowed to continue on BW? There is no benefit to it, it is deeply dividing the rescue community, and damaging the reputations of most involved. Unfortunately we're all so voyeuristic that we want to see what happens next, but the moderators would do the rescues, and especially the animals a great service by shutting it down.