Rescue Journal

last minute stuff

Carol  ·  Dec. 20, 2007

i have my cell but fido might not work up north...i don't know.

TG phone number is on their website and sheila will have her cell and her number is on the phone list next to my desk.

mo, nicole and kathy k have full decision making authority if i cannot be reached in any animal related or saints operational emergency. jean has offerred help if you guys need, just give her a call.

greg has the saints debit card if something is desperately needed today like supplies or emergency clinic vet fees.

clyde has had his morning phenobarb...i have cleaned up all accidents thus far but make no promises for the rest of the night.

thank you to every single person who has offerred help for today, i know the saints will be well cared for but i will worry about all of you who are caring for them...clyde? BE GOOD!



Hope your trip went well. I totaly enjoyed visiting with the gang tonight. They were so loud at first all rooms barking and whining and even the parrot joined in. They soon (well ok not so soon) settled after all had a pet and a treat. Clyde was hilarious. He kept picking on poor Lokie but then the next minute he is curled up beside lokie in one of the pet beds. I got lots of kisses and rubs. All were happy. Except Trev. I guess he did not like being by himself in the car. Anyone know where I can get my seatbelt fixed. Trev has managed to sever the strap almost in half. Even my most destructive lab, nina, never managed that!

Chris T

I am around today, with a vehicle, if an emergency comes up. I am in Maple Ridge so can get there in 1/2 an hour or so.