Rescue Journal

back to work tomorrow and i am almost prepared for the week (i am never fully ready but i give it a good try)

Carol  ·  Dec. 23, 2007

whew...3 hours total (including traveling time) and i made it to the mall...bought gifts for my kids and their partners, had them all wrapped and now they are sitting in my car for me to bring when i have christmas lunch with them on my break. (i impressed the hell out of heidi when she called to check on my shopping progress)

malls do in fact suck...but box wrappers do not and i am so grateful there was a wrapping station in the mall.

i stopped at the feed store and we now have exactly enough hay, feed and shavings to last til the day after boxing day. i hope i can get a full delivery for then cuz otherwise i will be hauling more.

trina is away this week visiting her family, and i am working right thru til the weekend but mo is coming monday, and maybe tuesday and cathy is coming wednsday to do the barn...kathy k is coming monday and friday, lynn2 is coming xmas morning, jesse is here on thursday so i think the main shelter is covered all week.

it is not going to be as hard a week as i thought it was...thank you guys, YOU ROCK!!!!!

it feels kinda of empty here at this very moment (cuz everyone is sleeping)...lots of animals gone in the past couple of and george and harley found homes and ruby and ogidie and sadie passed away. once lokie and jj and cody go home when their families come back after xmas...i think for the first time in many months, i will actually have a chance to ease up and slow down a bit...there still are alot here but nine gone is nine less altho it is not necessarily the exactly right nine...clyde gone, phoebe gone, cleo gone, buddy gone, swinger gone, carly gone, tang gone, sunny gone, mango gone...geez! now THOSE nine would make an even more real and noticable difference!

eva and i just got back from "the springs" where we had our most favorite dinner...prawns in cheese and garlic butter, caesar salad, a deep fried wonderbar, a bottle of corona and a finishing cup of hot tea...OMG, you have no idea how good that all is...except mo does and i bet now she is jealous!

holy smoke i just realized i forgot chicklet...she went to a new home too and trust me i notice that a certain 8 pound psycho is no longer living here anymore.



AWWW. I am going to miss hearing about Chicky! I sure miss her, and I hope the people that have her take good care of her...and don't return her again. My poor stinky puppy!! That's the nickname we had for her before she went to SAINTS !


Ahhh Carol, I'm not coming today ( Monday ) I will be out tomorrow if I can fit it in between Breakfast in POCO & Dinner in Coquitlam ... and I'll be out Boxing day... I'm at work today Ughh !!! I'm sure I'll get off early but not early enough to make it out to Mission... I actually still have some shopping to do as well . If I can make it I will .

And about the Springs dinner... Yes I am jealous !!!


with ice cream and swirly chocolate and butterscotch sauce....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm