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Rescue 101 winter semester wrap up

Carol  ·  Dec. 23, 2007

I have decided it is time for Christmas break. A few other thoughts before we start the new year about surviving in rescue.

Most of the current rescue community does not even know the names of most of the Senior Rescuers...there is a reason for this...they are so busy rescuing animals that they don't have time for sandbox play.

Senior Rescuers NEVER go after and seek to destroy another rescuer...quite simply they are too burdened with responsibilty to take someone out and then have to step up to the plate to rescue in that other rescuer's area. Senior Rescuers know what the issues are and they know of every challenge that their peers have to face, they understand that rescue is different for each and every one. Senior Rescuers have respect for those that rescue animals in need, they may not like them, they may think they are a pain in the ass but they know how to separate personal from their work.

The face of rescue is changing...the old guard are aging and the young are still struggling to learn. My hope is that in another 10-15 years when the young have finally earned their stripes, that we can shoulder the burdens of the rescue community, taking the good from both the past and the future and tossing out the things that we simply don't need.

Your assignment for the to write 6 one page essays (I hear you groaning)

1. Convince a judge and jury that the person you HATE most in the rescue world should be hanged.

2. Now convince another judge and jury that the very same person should be set on a throne in heaven and worshipped for eternity by all animal loving folks.

3. now write The Truth....not your truth, but the real one.

4,5, and 6 are exactly the same...but this time write your essays about you...just you alone and write them with just as much passion to get it right as you do the first three. Do these assignments well, give them the very best inside you and you will receive an automatic pass in "How to Survive in Rescue".... you will have learned what you needed to know.
Merry Christmas class...may the New Year bring us all much needed wisdom. Maybe we will see each other again next year, I certainly hope that we do.


Baby Redneck

I second your notion on the never having time bit. I have been taking my dad and grandfather's places here for the last two days and am I ever tired! I'm thankful today's plus one here and that means I don't have to light a fire in the kennel until tonight. That means less of me throwing an ax around, I think that safer for everybody. :P