Rescue Journal

the olive branch

Carol  ·  Dec. 23, 2007

not everyone knows that i am one of those risen from the ashes of a fiery grave. and in retrospect i broke many (but not all) of the rules in how to avoid becoming burnt toast. and the biggest mistake i ever made, was lighting that fateful match.

here i am, several years later, lounging and lolly-gagging around saints... saints was born out of those ashes, and saints is the biggest (and leakiest) gift i have been given so i can't actually say i am sorry that i got fried.

i have always said that rescue can be a very nasty business, too many strong willed and opinionated woman, too many perspectives and too little insight. so what happened this month was a bit over the top, but it is not the first time it has happened either.

there are some really good animal rescuers (that suck at politics), who sometimes end up in flames...occasionally someone lights the match for us but mostly we light it ourselves.

christmas is coming, tis the season to be jolly, and hopefully it is the season to forgive...i am done being mean, and apologise for the wake up whacks and hope that we can move on from here. there will be animals needing help from all of us in the next few weeks and they will need all of us to help them as much as we can.


Yvette~Turtle Gardens

Amen to that! We have to continue to do the best we can to best of our abilities with a smile on our face. Animals really prefer smiles to frowns - it heals their souls. Merry Christmas to all and a furry hug too.