Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 24, 2007

Our mailbox was broken into (apparently the lock was sawed off on thursday night) and any mail that arrived on wed afternoon or thursday was stolen. We will have no record of any donations sent that arrived on either of those days and will not be able to trace from whom they came.

Our accountant has said to look at the back of any cashed and returned cheques for our official "for deposit only to SAINTS" stamp and if it is not then we probably did not cash it.

I will notify the RCMP and the bank today just in case they can help us with this.

I offer my deepest apologies for any worry this causes. We will be looking into a Post office box for the future to prevent a reoccurence and until then Lynn will pick up our mail directly from the post office for us and bring it out to SAINTS.

what an utter drag.



I am so sorry to hear about this type of people at this time of year. They have it all figured out how best they can use and abuse those in need especially. Take care Carol and I am sure things will work out for SAINTS in the end. I am SO wishing you all a Wonderful Christmas Day and hope that you will be able to spend a bit of time with your family. :)


I am so sorry to hear this. People are so frustrating some time! May it all be returned tenfold, one hundred fold!

Lynn P

Carol, feel free to give out my number to anyone who calls and I can confirm whether or not we did receive their donation - they can issue stop-payments if needed.


Yup. Big problem everywhere. In the Big City they've been known to pick up entire Canada Post drop boxes off the corner. I had a credit card stolen out of my mailbox a few years ago, one that didn't need ID to be activated and the bandit racked up $2300 at Pier 1. That's a lot of candles.