Rescue Journal

ahhh, yes!

Carol  ·  Dec. 29, 2007

we had such a great day here today. trina is back from vacation (and i hope she had a good time cuz she is never allowed to leave me here alone for extended periods ever again) trina and mo and nicole and greg and lynn and tammy were all here...we worked, we walked in the snow with some very happy dogs, we drank hot chocolate and baileys, we gave a tour to a very nice couple, we trimmed nails and really pissed off little miss molly but she got over it really quick, we trimmed back rudy's teeth, we moved ellie to swingers stall and tunie to ellie's and once again have a separate feed room.

lynn brought up the mail and there were some great letters and cards, one that really touched me was from a nice woman in los vegas who read the turtle gardens post. she gave us a donation and sent one on to them too and that made me very happy. and sheila made me laugh when she forwarded on a note of support that said "i am not too worried about carol, she is like teflan, nothing sticks to her" ok that was funny and that was true too.

so thank you whoever for finally a simple but really nice day and now i am off to do the dump run cuz that is the only thing bugging me right now.

oh! and packer's new mom is flying in on the first weekend in january and packer will finally have his own great is that? pretty freaking great!!!!!

nicole and mo started opening the animals xmas gifts which i just haven't had time to get to, there were some amazing gifts in there...thank you to everyone for sending such cool stuff to our animal crew!



i am not impressed with how quickly you forgot about your evil bird and how you made him attack me today. didn't even get mentioned in the blog... now my ear hurts even more.


I didn't know that Packer was getting a new mum for Christmas! That is so very wonderful to hear about the little man.


i was close...i spelled teflon right! the fine lady part is only funny if you have seen my hair and how i dress....sigh, my mother would just die...she smelled so good, she wore oscar de la rente, wore her hair in an immaculately coiffed french twist, had long beautiful, painted nails and dressed as well as jackie kennedy. she used to make me dress in pretty dresses, with matching ankle sox too....i have no idea why i used to like that...getting dirty is way more fun.


You left out a bit of the email I sent you Carol..
Here is the message in it's entirety

"I’m not too worried about Carolâ€she’s got teflon clothes and nothing will stick to her! A fine lady, I might add!"