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i have a rich and varied personal life

Carol  ·  Dec. 30, 2007

that is separate from the public rescue world. the animal's aren't separate because their needs get pulled along with me where ever i happen to go. my family accepts and supports this, my co workers and bosses are more understanding than i could possibly expect. and i think at the end of this very long year, i need to recognise and be grateful for this.

swingers fall made me miss work altogether and i broke a promise to one of my clients, his death made me late for a family funeral that i promised to get to on time, the trip to smithers made me unavailable during the original crises, i am always late for work almost every single morning and sometimes, like when jeanette went down last week, i have to leave work early too. i missed thanksgiving dinner with my family and i can't even remember why any more. christmas day, the family had exactly 2 hours (and i was timing this) to open gifts, share dinner and our enjoyment in each other before i had to go because i wasn't coming back after work finished, i had too much stuff here to do. they had to help care for me when i first broke my ankle and the girls did not want to let me get home because they knew once i did, i would back into doing things i wasn't supposed to be doing so they came here first to make sure that i would be ok and then just confined themselves to worrying and ratting me out on my cast clinic days.

my family are not rescue people...this is not to say that they don't help animals when they can, they just prefer not to live a rescuers life. my co-workers are not rescue people either yet most of them love animals alot.

what i do here every day is alien to my other lives and the people who share my time away from saints. they pretty much don't get it but it doesn't ever matter because they either love me or they like me alot. i pull myself back and forth like a yo-yo between rescue, career, and family and each of them is so important to me that i often just tangle the string.

none of them ever read this blog so they won't know what i say here, but my heart is so full here at saints because they pad and protect it from outside.

and all i can say is...thank you.


Jenine Kear


You are an amazing woman. Thank you for what you
continue to do and for writing the blog.>>>It helps
to remind me that when I am exhausted, there are others who give so much more, under far more taxing conditions.

There will always be good days, bad days, and REALLY
BAD DAYS. But the "sun" will come out again and
remind us why the animals are the important ones
in our lives and why we continue each day.

May 2008 hold "better days" for the world, and
each one of us.

You are appreciated, even if from afar.