Rescue Journal

happy new years eve

Carol  ·  Dec. 31, 2007

i am still on call but i got off work an hour early and i just finished putting the barn guys to bed. everyone got an apple and a banana and someone brought ellie a brand new pretty and pink stuffed pig...she is using it for a pillow tonight but i fully expect to find it's head ripped off by morning (she is not gentle with her toys)

carly is curled up on a thick and dry bed (not sure how long it will stay dry) and she is wrapped up in her favorite brand new soft fleecy and is looking mighty pleased with herself....i just love pitty's wrapped up in blankets...they look so cute.

i managed to accomplish my yearly ritual...i paid off all the vets bills today before work. in all my years of rescue i have never carried a vet account balance owing from one year to the next. every year the vet bills get bigger so the year end ritual gets scarier too.i usually do it a bit earlier than the very last day of the year but i have been too busy so i kept putting it off and then today i was in a full blown panic. a huge thank you to everyone who donated to saints this christmas, each of you together just made a miracle come true and helped us pay more than $8000 in vet bills for the past couple of months of medical care for the crippled crew. wow! here's to a new year starting with those beautiful zero balances at every single vet clinic we use!

my migraine is slightly better...i am currently not in pain but those swirling bright visual things are driving me a little bit crazy.

and speaking of nutz, mugsy has lost his mind...he is currently out in the cold icky doorless room. i went to get him to bring him by the fire and he started growling and snarling at me. do i honestly think he has lost his mind? i doubt it, it was fully intact and functioning this morning. i suspect that little bastard has another dead rodent in there that he doesn't want me to take away from him.

fine mugs, freeze your ass off with a dead baby rat to keep you company. wow, what a fun way to spend new years eve.

it is very cold tonight, all the snow has frozen hard...but the sky is so clear and the stars are so close, it is a beautiful last night and a gorgeous new years eve.

best wishes to everyone for a very kind and safe 2008 (and wish me luck in stealing mugsy's hoarded treasure away when it is light enough to find)



Happy New Year to all the SAINTS, those who remain here with us, like Dexter, who makes me believe in small miracles every day he is alive and vital, and beautiful, skulking fun-police officer Cole, a dog who had run out of chances, to piggie Princess Ellie, who seems to have casted a spell over every visitor to SAINTS. And to those SAINTS who moved along to the next stage of the circle of life, Swinger, who died knowing love, Wilbur, who took pieces of many hearts along with him, and Michael, the kitchen troll who has left a huge hole in a small space.

My wish for the SAINTS, past, present and future, is understanding and empathy in every situation. I hope that people will heed the immortal words of Thumper, the best friend of Bambi, as told to him by his mother:

"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."


Happy New Year, Carol. May it bring you a full heart and peace of spirit.