Rescue Journal

Bernie passed away today

Carol  ·  Jan. 4, 2008

her bloodwork came back and her kidneys were toast. the vet said we could try weeks of rehydration and feeding tubes but bernie would never feel well again. i went in on my lunch break and bernie said she felt like crap so i held her while colleen helped her to go.

i liked bernie because she looked like a pumpkin with short and stubby legs. when she pushed my bathroom drawers out to the floor, it always made me laugh. bernie ignored my beloved and sweet poodles and she whacked the crap out of phoebe and clyde, they were both terrified of her and that made me laugh even more.

tammy and trina liked her because she always came to see them, she liked to say "hello" and they liked her because she found that parrot just as annoying as they did and all three of them wished she would move somewhere else.

bernie never made me worry about her eating enough, she liked to stock her round belly full. and i am glad that she cooperated with getting her diabetes well controlled cuz i was working myself up into another guilt attack.

rest in peace bernie, you were a very sweet cat.



God bless Bernie - she was a smart girl telling off those dogs - I saw her slap a couple of them in the back room when I was over one time. I bet those bathroom drawers will miss her too....................................

Hillevi Dodson


I am very sorry for your loss. I am sure that Bernie will be missed but she is in a better place running around and feeling great. God Bless.