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ok..last time because maybe you genuinely do not understand

Carol  ·  Jan. 4, 2008

and then please keep this discussion regarding swingers death to that locked board where i do not go and do not want brought over to here about anything ever again.

as plain and simple as i can make it, (or feel free to go back and read the original posts where it says the exact thing) i fucked up and left the chicken scratch out.

we have a feed room, we have always had a feed room and the feed room has a lock on the door. the movement of animals was after swingers death...ellie moved to swingers empty stall, tunie moveds to ellies and now there is no longer a fat little pig living in the feed room which had nothing to do with the feed high up on shelves when i left the chicken scratch out because i did not leave it in the feed room.

i have no idea how many times people want to hear this or in how many different ways, last time folks...

i fucked up and left the chicken scratch out... i hope this is finally clear to everyone now.

edditted to add...i just read another note...there is a huge difference between lying and being mistaken so be very careful here. i was asked about the feed room by chris (and chris was the ONLY person from that board to directly ask me anything before today)...i told her it was taken care of. i am told she interpeted that to mean that we built a feed room not that we already had one and i shifted animals around. i have not read the thread, nor do i intend to...but i will publically state here that i am very grateful for chris's attempts to defend me when i was unable to clearly speak for myself and i am truly very sorry that you are being hurt for trying. my deepest apologies for anyone burnt in this fallout. people want to whack away at me on that other board are more than welcome because i am responsible for everything here (and this is where the "I" in rescue becomes a rather important thing)

ok, i am done with this stuff permanently now, this blog is not getting sucked into the never ending viper pit, all new comments from threads originating from other board discussions will automatically be deleted, if someone has a question, feel free to send me an email....sigh, what a world.



Carol the world is fucked!!! I wish these people who have nothing better to do would leave you and Turtle Garden alone. I admire your work and you should be able to do it without the crap from people who are probably not helping anyone especially all of those animals. I think it was Swinger's time.....they say there are no accident's. I hope you can ignore these morons and do what you do best looking after those SAINTS who need and love you. My thoughts are with you.