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ok...not quite done yet

Carol  ·  Jan. 5, 2008

lol...someone is video stamping particular posts on the blog...i will get nicole to trace it tomorrow...correct me if i am wrong here but i suspect ammunition gathering is currently in high speed in the wee dark hours of the night. i guess now i can expect the usual sabatoge tactics of anonymous complaints of neglect or over crowding or over bylaw limits thru the spca, animal control, municipal hall, maybe revenue canada will be contacted so we can be auditted (thank god for sheila and lynn!), donors and supporters will receive private heads up emails, and granting committees will have whispers in their ears. sheila told me she used to think i was paranoid, except she doesn't think so anymore.( i actually am paranoid cuz i have seen it before and i figure if they can do it to someone else, they can always do it to me)

and what will be accomplished? i will have to pay the fines for being over the bylaw limits cuz this is the only thing they will actually get me on until i get 20 current dogs down thru death or adoption to a heck of alot less. some sick old leaky dogs may die in the pounds i suppose too. but the cats, rabbits and farm guys will be ok because they are not limited by bylaws. maybe we will lose some of our funding base, that is always a risk.

it never stops folks, turtle gardens last week, maybe saints this week, and apparently one of the bully rescues are next. lot's of busy little bees out to make life difficult for other rescues, it is a form of twisted amusement i guess.

you just gotta really love rescue, it is such a pure and shining place to be.

now i am done. whatever, i will deal with it all the best that i can and try to keep my well honed paranoia from taking control while still keeping us safe.

thank you god for not making me mean. (but i am not thanking you for rescue cuz lately it has been an utter drag)



Ha ha!! "Horse killer"!! These people truly do not have enough to do!!

You need a license to drive, but obviously any fool can get a computer and post.

Ladies and gents, we should just thank our stars that these folks have not gotten involved in the international development community. If they can cause this much damage for companion animals in BC, imagine the harm they could get up to in Africa. At least we've been spared that. (Actually, it's probably just as stupid-bad there, if not worse.)


Last night I told Carol I felt bad that she was being branded a "horse killer" and I wasn't getting any criticism at all. We discussed the why's of that ... But apparently maybe my time has also come. Although I have to say me being a "cyber" stalker is something that doesn't really damage my repuation. Although I think I should get paid for it because I put in more hours in a week doing that then most people do in their jobs.


Well this just truly sucks!!!!!!!
I'm sorry that the negative actions and thoughts of these people are effecting you and the angels of Saints. You have helped me many times Carol by opening your arms to animals that had no where to go here in the Shuswap. They had been labelled as unwanted but you found a place for each of them and have shown them love for the last part of their journey. You have also helped me personally when I was struggling to make sense of an animal dilemma that had become quite personal. You have always been the first one I ask as I respect your wisdom and experience. You have the animals best interest at heart and have no problem about relaying that honesty. I know you aren't perfect,none of us are but you care and you take action which is more than most can say.
So remember Carol for all of those that have been tossing stones there are twice as many of us who support what you do at Saints and say Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for being brave enough to care and strong enough to carry on.

Jenine Kear

I just sat down long enough to read the most recent
posts. Just hang in there Carol, you are so right.
And there is really nothing to say to the "other
People". It is so frustrating. But I don't think
you are the "only" one being singled out. These
people have nothing better to do. If they did, they
would be "helping" the animals, not posting.>>>>
We will never understand them.

Keep up the good work that you do, and let what you
can roll off your shoulders.

I have nothing but admiration for you!!!! Stay
strong. (I have only ever posted on one other site, that is how much you "inspire" me.)

I know you will stay "committed", but sometimes an
atta girl helps. So here is a GIANT ONE FROM ME