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A couple of things...

Nicole  ·  Jan. 7, 2008

Nicole posting here (not Carol)
My really good job that I thought I did ridding Carol's computer of the virus was only temporary so her computer is 'in the shop' right now and so Carol cannot read emails or the blog for the next 7-10 days unless we get the computer back faster than that.

She asks that everyone take a deep breath
and she is working on trying to get past this and she asks that everyone try to do the same.
Both mia and deb's comments were removed at Carol's request as she isn't able monitor the blog right now.
From this point on, until things settle down – all posts made by everyone must wait to be approved (I (nicole) will be checking the site as often as I can) so please be patient when posting.

Back to me writing (not Carol):
A reminder that this blog was created for SAINTS supporters and volunteers to share in life at SAINTS. It is a unique and wonderful place where amazing animals live their lives. Crappy things happen too, that is all part of life, but Carol has always invited others to share in the whole life at SAINTS, not just the nice and fluffy stuff.
This blog wasn't created to be full of drama and whatnot (and yes, Carol knows that she was adding some and she is going to work on that).
I'm a person who doesn't like conflict, drama or BS of any kind and since the website and blog are my creation and under my control (insert mua ha ha laugh here), I am taking back full control for a while and will be approving the comments because I don't like my creation to get shat upon.

SAINTS is one of my most favourite places to go to and some of my most favourite animals have come from there (or still live there).
So I'm asking that everyone please step away from their computers and instead go hang out with your dog or cat.
Please remember what SAINTS is about - old animals that pee alot.

And just to leave on a happy note, here is a photo of Honey watching (ha) the simpsons on tv. She gravitates to the tv when she is upstairs.



Hey....just a thought... Maybe our divine coach is taking a blogging break cause God wanted her to.... so she could step outside of her she could see the truth ...from a distance....Maybe there is some corruption trying to sabotage the system....and needed to be removed.....just a thought...with love to all... Jessie

Chris T

Honey is so sweet. I am so happy you adopted her. She is a great dog.


i cannot believe everyone got to see that picture before me, sheesh!!!
great post/even greater least she is not watching stupid troopers.

Francesca Wilson

Dear Nicole

You said everything about dear SAINTS that is so true. It's the most caring animal place ever with such wonderful people and creatures.


OMG that is too cool!!
I have to share that my Yoji knows how to turn on the TV and then he sits on the bed and watches. If only he could tell time cause frequently he gets bored at night and want to watch a little TV, which wakes us up and if we're lucky we'll both realize it's the middle of the night and turn it off again or what's also happened is that we're too tired and think it's morning and get ready for our day.
Yoji, being a true Canadian cat, prefers hockey over anything else.


Hey there Honeybunches! trying to figure out how to change the channel? where's animal planet? isn't there a dog show on here some where? what about the food channel? doggies love the sound of food cooking! lots of ear fruffles to you!