Rescue Journal

nothing to do with rescue, but everything to do with good food.

Carol  ·  Jan. 9, 2008

i picked up some groceries today. i wouldn't be as excited as i am except i bought a packet of cornmeal bread mix...just add water, and egg and some oil and dump it in a 8x8 pan. i had everything except the 8x8 pan but i bought that so now i can make it. (deb has made it for me before, but not recently and i want some) there is a story behind my love for corn bread...maybe a boring one but there is one.

i graduated from high school when i was sixteen, not cuz i was smart but because i just loaded up on extra courses so i could graduate early. i lived in a small town, and i was pretty fed up with being 'father read's daughter" and wanted to be me, which at that time was a wanna-be hippie.

anyway, i graduated in january and immediately started working at McDonalds for a whole $1.03 an hour. i was trying to save up enough money to go and live with my very cool canadian boyfriend who had long hair and played the guitar. ( he would 30 years later become my still guitar playing ex who will get half my pension)

i worked with this very nice young woman who's name and face i cannot remember now but back in the very cold winter of 1974, she invited me to her apartment for dinner. she had this great garage apartment...very cool. and she served me homemade corn chowder and corn bread. i can still remember how good that meal tasted.

ever since then i have had a love affair with corn bread. and sometime this week, i am going to make some because i need more vegies in my diet and corn is a vegie and corn bread is a comfort food, and i am looking for comfort lately too...two proverbial birds with just one rock!.( and i will not share a single peice with any of the beasts either.)



hey carol...i might have just the thing...since you don't have a 8x8 pan for cornbread...maybe a couple of my mini pottery bread bakers. each would hold half of your mix...but you'll have to wait for them...i sold all mine at xmas sales, but i'll soon have more made.


STAN wrote

...MOM has more guts then us and said a few table spoons in a cup of tea is great keep ya warn and toasty.

.... me thinks I should get to know Yvette Lol

Stan~Turtle Gardens

oooppppssss carol your not supposed drink it it's for your bath that's the only way dad and I will use it;) But MOM has more guts then us and said a few table spoons in a cup of tea is great keep ya warn and toasty. (but dad and I forgot to tell you that)Stan


now stan is dissing my gas fireplace (which i do not have to go out in the freaking freezing cold to cut down trees to feed!)
you are welcome here anytime stan, even if you become sick, but don't bring anymore of that firewater whiskey...i have the (unopened) bottle displayed in the multipurpose room so everyone thinks i am a redneck is a decoration...bring another and i might on a bad day be tempted to drink it and for sure it would kill me.

Stan~Turtle Gardens

Strange how the smallest things bring us comfort. I have to admit that my visit to your place was way too cool and so relaxing in a way I can't put into words I really really enjoyed myself. You thought I was joking when I said If I ever become terminally ill I would want to pass at saints I could never think of more comforting place to share the journey of passing away. On my 14 hour drive home I even picked my spot :) In the living room behind your puter desk in front of the fire looking thing cuddled with with the hairless guy's. That way I could get my blog fixes and not miss all the inspiration from them But gee I didn't know you would cook for us all to man I really hope you will take me in if the time ever comes Till then I hope I am aloud to come and visit again and get away from it all and recharge my faith and batteries. Stan


i am chuckling now...debs comment approving of my favorite shopping place coming up, hey nicole how about taking off the comment block, we promise to play nice now and i want to see the poodles grooming pics samantha posted.


Yvette, your family gave you a breadmaker???? Hmmmmmm, talk about a self-seving gift! Dave had better make you a terrific french toast breakfast in bed whenever you want it.
Carol, anytime you want cornbread, it's a phone call away. You mentioned it, and I had to make a batch. Angelina is happy. :o)


i am going to make my grandmothers recipe for bread these holidays too...i worked out deal with my ex...i can use our old kitchen to make it and i leave him and the girls a loaf or two.

tracey...i ran into patches at a clients house...remember her? she is a very nice cat now......altho i still have the scars from when she wasn't.

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

Talking about comfort food - my guys gave me a bread machine for Christmas!Hot bread for breakfast, the smell is a wonderful alarm clock!It is pre-programable.(is that a word?)