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i am trying so hard....

Carol  ·  Jan. 10, 2008

not to whine but geez....i hate the freaking winter. i came back from up north determined not to whine about winter in the south, but forget it. whining is a huge part of my quality of life.

another 3 inches of snow last night and then buckets of rain on top and there i was this morning, gasping and coughing as i hauled 100 pounds of hay around to the feeding areas outside. i could not get the freaking pasture gate open cuz the wet snow blocked it like a door stop and the only way the barn guys were coming out in that mess was if i tossed apples for them to follow. the dog yards are a slushy mud pit, it takes me about 10 minutes to push a couple of hundred pounds of wet snow off my van, and i was 10 minutes late for work again and i know exactly why too.

AND i saw several back and forth rat tracks between the chicken pen and the dog isolation pen too, they are apparently busy little buggers but the snow ratted them out, they are trying to take over saints..grrrhhh!!!!

i am a city girl, i like things tidy and neat (except for my van) and i do not like working in the barely even light hours of the morning in wet slushy mess. and i do not like opportunistic nymphomaniac and mass reproducing rodents invading my space.

it sucks.

fair warning you busy little bastards...get out or look out, mugsy is not near as dangerous as me.



today was NO fun, carol. someone needs to do a norain dance.

~shall try that tonight.... just an excuse to swish my belly around a bit!~


Ha ha...that last comment was by me, not Tunie!! I'm doing this from work and didn't realize I had last sent a comment from Tunie eons ago! Sorry!


I can empathize, Carol. Hauling water and hay in the snowy slush at 6:00 AM this morning was no fun - and finding two drowned rats in Martin the alpaca's water bucket was even less fun. This is not the first time I've had drowned rats in the bucket....I don't know if you are shooing them my way, or I'm shooing them yours, but can I borrow Mugsy for a few days??????