Rescue Journal

you can sure tell i am on vacation

Carol  ·  Jan. 13, 2008

i had my second 30 minute afternoon nap in two days today! i came back from the dump run, cleaned the americats and the bunnies and then frodo wanted a cuddle. so i sat down on the couch in the multipurpose room and both of us promptly fell asleep.

the beauty of saints is the ability of all the animals to cooexist peacefully. except the bunnies, the chickens, the americats, carly and frodo....the first 2 are too vulnerable, the americats are contagious and frodo and carly are jerks.

but having animals living in segregated areas makes it tough for me to spread the lovin fairly around. so much easier to go out into the fields with a dozen dogs and a dozen barn guys, get some work done and touch, stroke, kiss and blab away at a score of nearby beasts.

frodo by virtue of his singleness probably gets less one on one out of me than anybody and frodo once he stopped hating me for so many years, really loves me alot now. so when ever i can, i take a few extra minutes and sit with him purring on my chest...and apparently slipping into a quick nap too. frodo liked that, he liked me staying still long enough for us both to have a nap...i will have to slip in there every afternoon for a mini daily vacation...we can enjoy my holiday together.



Nudge sleeps on my head or in my face every night! Last night she woke me up with her loud snoring! Neither one of the cats are into afternoon snuggle naps if you can believe that.


Sounds like heaven Carol. I did the same thing today with Charlie my old cat. He lives in the bedroom for his own safety and this works out well for him as all he does is sleep. I slipped in for a visit this afternoon and 45 minutes later I woke up. There is nothing more soothing than having a cat curled up beside you purring.