Rescue Journal

new incoming

Carol  ·  Jan. 14, 2008

a senior white smallish mid size model currently at the vets for euth. apparently she has a 12 yr fear biting history plus she just grabbed onto the families brand new 1 and a half pound tiny puppy's head and did some damage too. she sounds like a saint. she is not going in with sweet pea and cuddles, i will introduce her to clyde instead! this ought to be fun.

nicole is renaming cuddles the cat...he is now thorny cuddles (super troopers) apt discription. he got gassed at the vet for his comb out and check up. he needs a major dental cleaning but we need to wait for his blood work to come back first.

missy was good as gold for her blood work...toby was not. they had a hard time with him and it took a couple of tries so his neck is a bit bruised, poor boy. i have the rest of the vet appointments booked for this week...six more to go plus lexie has her fractured molars out next monday too. her blood work came back fine. then i think we are caught up on everyone, except i still need to book in clyde and molly for this week cuz i just remembered i forgot them! ratz!! one whole week of vet visits....all totalled 12 is going to mexico for her holidays, that sounds like a little bit more fun.

icky, wet, muddy cold day but i hear the weather is improving for the next little bit. i had the flooring guys come out and measure for the lino in the multipurpose room...ratz again...more than twice as much as i expected...why can't stuff cost half as much as we think...that would be more helpful.

rumour has it that james bond might be a girl...ratz a third time today...i guess i better actually check.

raymond is in a confrontational mood tonight...he got too wound up. it is hard yelling at deaf dogs to knock it off and go to bed cuz they
can't actually hear you. it would help if monty would stop whacking at him every single time he wanders by.

i got an update on packer...he is doing very well in his new home. sounds like he is happy and they already love him alot...hurrah for packers happy ending! and little penny in her foster home (aka...bam bam) is apparently a little prima donna who prefers to eat only roasted these animals have any idea that they happen to be homeless?

the laundry is doesn't like to be left on hold.



Yay!!!! Packer is in his forever loving home. I am so glad to hear this. Love you Packer.


bam bam got the moneypenny name (shortened to penny) but who says there cannot be a jamie bond... i am not the least bit gender biased.
that cat looks male tho! i better go check.

Chris T

I am sure little bam bam will branch out and discover the joys of other roasted meats...if he is anything like Mabel!