Rescue Journal

i pretty much like to just screw myself to the wall

Carol  ·  Jan. 15, 2008

it is a bad habit. so last night i decided to hold off on the is stretching us too thin plus i am already really busy and don't have time to sort thru and empty out that building this week. this was a hard decision because it means moving things around a few more times (and i am freaking tired of moving stuff around in there and never being able to find anything anymore) plus making sure none of the dogs pee on the cement floor and make it start to stink...but waiting is the reasonable thing to do.

except when the flooring guy calls and says they can get one roll of lino for a very good price in calgary but there is only one roll the right size, the right pattern (to match what is in the americats room) and the right material (floating, non glue down (the glue fumes are dangerous to the americats) and impermeable to was once a garage/grow op in there so mold/moisture free is a concern)

oh gee fine...we will just stretch ourselves real thin and i will just kill myself over the next couple of days to sort thru and organize and pack away all that stuff. i make myself sick. floor coming on tuesday...i won't be happy til at least the following weekend when everything is put back.

mugsy is pissed...greg boarded off his icky doorless room so now he is laying on the cement and glaring at me. get over it mugsy, there is a red leather couch with your name on it inside you dolt.

maude has taken clyde under her wing and is teaching him to sing. there they stand, side by side in the kitchen, wailing their weary woes to the whole wide world....way to go maude.

i went down to the valley feed bag to pick up some more potbelly pig food. rod is my favorite irish old farmer type and he laughs at me about the crippled barn crew. today he said my guys were lucky that they don't live in ireland! but...he spent a few good minutes helping me pick out a couple of safe and pig appropriate toys for ellie-mae. he told me "not that, she'll eat it...not this, it is too small for her mouth and she'll choke" and finally ellie has a couple of good sturdy toys that i hope she likes alot!

the farm vets are coming on friday to see sparkles and find a solution for her loose stools and i finally found a good local ferrier and he is coming out tomorrow to tune up the horses feet. i put in a call to Dr. Gertsmar who Dr. Patrelli told me might be willing to look at ellie's sore calloused foot and i have a line on cow foot trimming fellow that i am hoping will come here to see only one cow....cuz jeanette needs a foot trim too.

holy crap, by the time i go back to work on the 25th, saints will be in very great shape...however i might be a soggy, falling apart mess cuz there is WAYYYYY to much to do.



as long as you don't care if she be-heads the thing...she likes doing that, it is fun!


Ah crap, I keep forgetting the giraffe for Ellie. I'll be in this weekend though. Do you think giant plush giraffe is pig appropriate?

Susan from Chicago

I love that Ellie has toys and you had help picking them out!

Hillevi Dodson


You Rock!!! You are on holiday and have already accomplished so much at SAINTS - and will accomplish so much more before you go back to your other job. (By the way, my daughter is a nursing student).

I don't know how you do it all!! I wish that I could be there to help. I think that you will be much happier with the lino in rather than waiting.

Please give all of the SAINTS hugs and kisses - especially the Americats - from me. And please take some time for yourself - a long soak in a tub and whatever else might take your mind off things for even just a little bit.

God Bless You.