Rescue Journal

saints welcomes sarah

Carol  ·  Jan. 16, 2008

she is quite beautiful...looks like a snow white schnauzer. she has a mast cell tumour on her foot and we are awaiting her blood work as she looks like she might be a cushings candidate. she is currently in an xpen hiding in her crate in the cat room. she does the moray eel thing with lunging out all teeth and snarls...very attractive. oh well she was not too upset to share my swiss cheese sandwich so that bodes somewhat well for her enjoying at least the food at saints. methinks tomorrow night should be a pizza has been awhile.

we are adjusting sweet peas pain meds and i am to paint dexter's open tumour with iodine to prevent infection. the vet says it is breaking down now because it has outgrown it's blood supply so we will have to carefully watch him for sepsis. he did not like going to the vet, he was much happier hanging out with the ferrier and chewing on the discarded hoof trims. sorry dex..he will be back in 8 weeks and you can spend the whole time out there with him.

5 vet appointments tomorrow...carol wants to see missy again so we had to add her on to the others. herman is coming on friday to see ellie mae and since he is really an equine vet (with an interest in pigs) he is going to look at sparkles too.

the only really sad thing today was...trina dressed cuddles the poodle in a black, t-shirt dress with a ruffle....he looks too freaking cute to take it off and i am sure this qualifies as poodle abuse.

i still have not finished off the laundry area so i better get back to work on that right now.



Oh, what a good girl! I wonder if she would bond with another little dog, like the new one... maybe it's a pipe dream, because I don't know that much about dogs, but it would be so nice if she had a buddy to conspire with.


your carly is a VERY VERY VERY good dog! i was hauling stuff back and forth thru her room late last night and did not notice a certain 6 pound speedo bullet follow me in there. a few minutes later whiile i am diggng thru linen, i hear sweet peas gawd awful caterwaulling because she is on the wrong side of the door...i go to the cat room sweet pea, carly barks once...i look over to her and she is sitting next to the freaking out sweetpea who really wants her mom....and carly's crooked little tail is wagging...."here she is, i found her, she is cute." good girl!, you are such a very good girl, i love you carly, thank you so very very much!


is she then a wirehaired fox terrier? They can be all white & they look like white schnauzers.... We had one years ago & she was a temperamental diva who bit us all at one time or another. She hated ALL female dogs but loved boys - esp. the big ones, the small ones she ignored. She was also extremely sensitive & very strongly bonded to her people. I was just speaking with someone who is a puppy raiser for an assistance dog association which has added terriers to their program & she was saying how the terriers really cannot cope with the continued rehomings & changes in living conditions that the dogs in the program endure (puppy raiser, trainer, kennel, trainer, working home, back to kennel, back to trainer etc etc). Whereas the labradors are apparently happy with whoever feeds them..... So anyway - I wonder how much of the anger is personality and how much is grief. I hope she mellows out soon.


Maybe the new little dog could live with Carly. You never know, they might be kindred spirits and would form some kind of unholy alliance.