Rescue Journal

slasher cat pisses me off.

Carol  ·  Jan. 17, 2008

everyone got to the vet and everyone was very good except harrison. he was a toad. we finally had to gas him to get his blood work and then just so we would feel like crap, he bit his tongue while he was out.

the vet thinks washington looks like a diabetic, she thinks because his mouth is inflamed and someone has removed all of his teeth that he probably had years of depo injections which would put him at risk for developing diabetes. we will see if she is right.

the linen areas are finished, we got thru all of the shelves in the front part of the multipurpose room and carly LOVES that room. she so enjoyed helping us that when it was time to come back into the house, she stood there and you could just see her saying " can we stay out here please, i like it out here, it is fun." sorry carly, you can visit in there but that is frodo's room and i saw you start with the seek and destroy thing so you can forget going out there unless he is somewhere else.

i have a bit of an issue with she has not peed since 8 am. i took off her leash and now she is holed up at the back of her crate and i know damn well she is going to bite me when i try to put it back on her in there.

i also had an issue with little miss sunshine at 0430 am... every time i go into the bathroom, i give her my hand to sniff. she sniffs me for a couple of seconds and then she hisses and i move my hand away. except at 0430 am she decides to change the rules and turned into edwina scissorhands instead. bad cat. i think i am still annoyed with her but i am not sure because i haven't been in there all that much today.

my back is absolutely toasted so i am heading off for a long and hot soak in the tub and i hope it makes it feel better because i cannot afford to have a bad back right now while i am trying to kill myself on my vacation.



yes she has both peed and pooped cuz she is a very good dog in this regard...we are still waiting for other regards to improve...but sustenence is going in nicely and coming back out just as well and everything else will happen in its own good time which is fine with me. i quite like her, she is interesting, she is adorable, she likes sharing my food and yet she is neither cheap nor easy....she ain't giving nothing away for free.


Good one Tammy... Carol please be more respectful of what time it is when you decide to intrude on another's space... as for the phoebe..... Tammy I'm glad you added the last part about being misunderstood " most" of the time.. Lol.. cuz there are many times she is clearly understood... thats when she is being the B word.

hope Sarah has peed ?


lol...tammy's comment coming up...hah! i understand those two pretty well...there once were two little girls who had little curls....right in the middle of their foreheads...and when they were good, they were very, very good...and when they were bad they were horrid!


Okay I would just like to say in Little Miss Sunshine's defense that she probably didn't like being disturbed at 430 am and just gave you a little warning not to do that again. I think she is just a very sensitive cat who is misunderstood, sort of like Phoebe is a sensitive dog who is misunderstood, most of the time.