Rescue Journal

ok, this is getting embarassing

Carol  ·  Jan. 19, 2008

it is bad enough that i currently have a male poofed poodle wearing a dress sleeping in my lap. but then there is the little poofed babe in the lady bug coat trying to get up here too.

i am a big, black and tan muttly dog kind of girl, i don't do the whole poodle chick thing.

speaking of black and tan big mutts, nicole just had to freak me out today by reminding me that lexie is pushing head says she is 10. and then eva and i started to adding up the extra years on some of the others...cole is FOURTEEN! (he is not a black and tan mutt, but he ain't no poofy dog either)..ok, i want these animals to stop aging!

sigh, i will admit i love both these poodles alot...they just take what they want and don't even bother to ask if they can have something or not.....they want it so it should be theirs and rather quickly too.

clyde has gone soft, he is no longer rock hard like a petrified log, you can actually massage and move around his muscles. i noticed the same thing with phoebe a year or so ago...she had softened and was no longer hard as a rock. i really want to get my hands on sarah and see what she feels like but so far i am just rubbing her head. i bet she is tight and hard right now too, i wonder how long it will take her to soften. maybe in a day or two she will let me touch her and see how uptight she actually is.

tonight is my personal laundry night and i am quite excited about this. eva helped me sort thru my stuff and chuck things out cuz i bought both her and tammy (who gave the rabbits a deep cleaning)
dinner (a very good trade as far as i am concerned!)

everyone is content and sleeping tonight, they are always pleasantly worn out on the weekends.



it is ok sam...i quite like making a huge big deal out of having poofed poodles! at least sweet pea can actually see now.


Clyde has gotten soft only because he loves you Carol. The power of love and security have the ability to heal twisted little dogs. Yeah!!!!!!!


Bad sam! I need to learn to leave them looking a little scruffier around the edges. Carol doesnt do "poofed". hehehehe Im Sorry


did the poodles wear fluffy pink pajamas to bed? Poodles in pink pajamas... now that would be cute!