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tormenting pigs and other things

Carol  ·  Jan. 22, 2008

so herman called tonight and said he had ellie's injectible meds and he wanted to do another quick trim on 2 of tunie's toes.....could he come by? sigh, ok, i guess i can handle pigs screaming in agonized angry terror and pay $342 for that and the meds at the end of my day.

ellie's injection went so very well...i fed her a cobbs cinnamon bun while he stuck her. i am to inject her twice a week for the next two weeks and then once a week for the next few weeks...that is alot of cobbs cinnamon buns.

tunie's quick trim went not too bad altho she did not agree...she was absolutely pissed that herman even dared to enter her bedroom when she was already asleep...but it was pretty quick and she did get an apple and a banana but i did not think to bring her a cinnamon bun. i will give her one for breakfast just in case there are any hard feelings.

cuddles (the cat) is still at the vets...he decided to stop breathing during his dental so he had to be entubated. he is staying in over night on IV's just to make sure that all is well. he apparently is not a very happy cat and sees no reason to even try to be nice.

carly's blood work is finally back...she is in the beginning stages of renal failure....the "beginning stages" is good news i suppose. she cracks me up, she is so utterly seriously determined to get her butt back into that multipurpose room...i keep telling her the room is empty, she thinks i am lying.

i have not been hissed at today by the feline felon living under my bathroom sink...i have returned to ignorable which is better than "i hate your guts."

no lino installed today...some issues with feathering out the uneven cement floor...i am told it will be installed tomorrow by noon which is good because frodo is pissed that his couch is outside in the driveway. i am also told that if i provide a case of beer, the installers will help carry the stuff back in...i am going to town in the morning and buying a freaking case of beer!

i did nothing on my extra to do list..i am not sure why i did not...but the day is gone now and i am tired so i have resigned myself to returning to work with a couple of things not actually done.

my good news today son, eric, and angie became engaged....hmmm, not sure i am ready to become the older generation by having married children but i guess it will be ok. they are both wonderful people and if i absolutely have to be "the mother-in-law" i am so glad my daughter-in-law will be ang.


Hillevi Dodson


You have accomplished so much during your holiday. I am amazed and in awe of you - I wish that I had that kind of motivation and energy! Think about it - every day at SAINTS is a miracle because everyone involved with SAINTS is enriching the lives of wonderful animals others have given up on. Instead of getting down on yourself and listing what isn't done, list what is done - I am willing to bet that it is much longer.

Congratulations to your son on his engagement. May their union be blessed by God.

Francesca Wilson

Hi Carole

Marie and I are headed your way today. Should be there by 10:30 - hope we can help out.

Take care