Rescue Journal

last day of vacation

Carol  ·  Jan. 24, 2008

i am on my own today so greg is going to do up the barn for me, yay. break time...just the big dogs, americats, feeding and poop and scooping left. tammy and eva are coming this afternoon, tammy to do the bunnies and eva to finish setting up the new files...sigh...they are going to make me clean the van.

sarah is out of her pen for a bit while i can watch her. she has already flipped out at raymond twice. she has good communication skills and has made it perfectly clear that she is more than willing to live here with me if i get rid of everyone else.
the rest of the dogs are annoying the hell out of me as they all try to scoot thru every single door and inside gate that i have to go thru. plus they are vocally overreactive to every single possibly perceived sound but only cuz they are trying to drive me so insane that i take them all for a run. bastards, they always have some kind of self serving plan.

tons of blood in the big dog room today...i am going to have little choice but to dress dexter's tumour. i was hoping to avoid closing it in because it is going to end up making it even worse. i think i will try a bit of kaltostat on the wound itself, it is a product that helps to decrease bleeding. i think we are looking at early next week for letting him go but i have not had a chance yet to sit down with dex in a quiet place and try to hear what he has to say about this.

apparently my computer is finally fixed...almost 300 bucks to get rid of that wormy virus thing.

de-worming dogs, cats and horses is faster and cheaper too.


Angela from NY

ohhh ... Don't know what it was but you touched my heart dexter from so far away. Wish we could have met but I'll remember you none the less. Have so much fun at your party tomorrow and eat, eat, eat all that good stuff!!!!

Love Angela and Venice :)