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Raymond and Honey go to school

Nicole  ·  Jan. 24, 2008

I'm supposed to be doing a lab writeup and studying for a quiz tomorrow, but instead I'm procrastinating, having a beer and writing on the blog.

I am in the vet tech program at douglas college and on monday I brought Raymond and Honey into school for our 'geriatics' section.

They both did really well and had full blood and urine work done. Honey had her blood pressure taken. Raymond didn't, because he wouldn't sit still.

I know I say it all the time, but Honey really amazes me. She did so well. She wasn't overly stressed and was even walking around exploring, slowly making her way around the room through all the chairs and tables.

Raymond stayed overnight on sunday and he settled in right away and didn't have one accident in the house (yay). After his long day at school he had crashed on the dog bed downstairs and wasn't too happy when I woke him up to drive him back out to saints. If I wasn't already feeling overwhelmed with my crazy dogs, I'd have thought about letting him stay cause he seemed so happy, but I'm self-imposing a two dog limit right now. So if anyone is looking for a super wonderful and sweet dog come out and meet Raymond. (and while it's a great nickname, he thankfully no longer suits "Sir Pee-a-lot"). I know all the animals at SAINTS deserve a forever home, but it would be great to seem him settled in a home of his own.

Kendra, Teresa and Honey


Caylee and Raymond


Dr. Boyle, Amy and Jessica with Raymond waiting patiently:


Oh and because i haven't created her page yet, here's a photo of sarah. it's in black and white so she looks a little less crazy cause her eyes were glowing. I will get a better one this weekend.




raymond has the sweetest face. even when comparing one of the first photographs of on him the dogs section, he looks even happier. not at ALL amazing at what a little proper medication, neutering, and some careful feeding him up can do. he looks like a VERY happy boy. how old is he?

~O.os at sarah~ she has horns! ~is impressed!~


technically i have three dogs, but i moved out and my parents wouldn't part with Sandy so she lives with them, gets completely spoiled and she goes to work everyday with my dad. i usually have her on sundays and it's really funny because her and wesley try to play, but it's usually a failed attempt that just gets them both full of beans and looking at me for entertainment instead.


Aw Nicole, that is so great that Honey is still doing so well. She is such a sweet and gentle dog.

You said you have a self-imposed two dog limit. Don't you have Sandy, Wesley and Honey? Three? Or have I missed something here?


Sarah sure looks like a Westie to me too, maybe not 100% westie but pretty close. Her face is just like my Maggies' was.


Dr Chow was my vet downtown before she left to teach - she is lovely and always explained everything very well to me. She knows me as "Cinders mum" (my old cat Cinder was notorious at Urban Animal Hospital!). Please remember me to her and let her know I have two SAINTS cats now.


Nice pictures Nicole. How did we do on our test?

Sarah looks like a Westie to me, maybe not full Westie, or if she is not a really good blood line, but it's in there for the most part. She's cute.