Rescue Journal

dex had his party

Carol  ·  Jan. 26, 2008

and a few things worth noting.....he ate til he puked. he looked amazingly handsome in his new sweater, and after watching him carry around his tennis ball for awhile, i realized he just is not done with this life yet. we will just have to suck it up and accept that his bleeding tumour currently upsets us more than it does him. deb got some video and i am not sure who else got some pictures but maybe they could send them to nicole so she could post them on here. in any case, dex's end of life indoor picnic somehow became a reaffirmation of life for him (and me)

we did have a bit of trauma, i am not sure how it started but i suspect it was over food and i will re-play the story line from coppers point of view.

copper somehow got some iliict food item and he yelled at cleo to "F off right now" and cleo who was stressed at all the comings and goings jumped him and nailed him to the ground.
coppers enraged screams of anger escalated to enraged screams of outrage "HELP SHE IS KILLING ME! HELP! HELP! YOU F"ING COW....HELP GET THIS CRAZY DOG OFF ME!!!!"

everyone of course all ran to his assistence, cleo literally had him by the throat and was not letting go. nicole managed to pull her off and wedged her against the building and copper once loose, charged her again.

by the time i got there, they were both held in their separate corners. i checked copper first because he is the smallest and she did have him by the throat. big baby, he was just slimed.
then i checked out cleo and she had blood from 2 wounds in her ear. i told everyone to let them go and cleo just wanted to be near me.

copper kept coming up to her, trying to push her around but cleo was good and just looked at me until that freaking bastard beagle smelled her blood.
then he started to be nice to her, wagging his tail and saying..."hi cleo, we are friends, remember? here let me fix that sore ear for you, let me get it clean." and there they sat, side by side on the futon with cleo bending towards him so he could lick the blood from her ear.

that beagle is such a puke and i cannot believe that cleo let him suck her in.
new feeding any of the dogs treats unless i am in the room too.

saints welcomes princess leia...she is that sweet friendly homeless bunny from VAS who tried to attack me several times until i finally removed her from her carrier wrapped inside a towel....apparently she does not want to become a saint.



Copper, you little rotter! I can just imagine your big brown eyes doing the innocent "what did I do?" look to get back in everyone's (human and canine) good books again.

And Copper is clearly back to his normal self this morning. While out feeding my pigs and alpaca at 9:20, I could clearly hear his incessant woo-woo-woodle coming across the fields and woods. I'm betting Mo arrived to do the barns just about then. I often hear the dogs, but Copper has the most distinctive voice of all. LOL