Rescue Journal

looking ahead

Carol  ·  Jan. 28, 2008

planning my next set of days off, starting wednsday...i like this part of my rotation...5 days off before i go back to working 5 on... 2 off and am wanting to kill myself once again.

so the van still needs cleaning and the entrance way still needs to be organized. i have to do something about the frozen water tubs out in the field. jeanette still needs her feet trimmed but i am waiting for it to warm up a bit first because hard frozen ground hurts newly trimmed feet.

i need to move miss sarah...possibly up into the laundry area since she still cannot be around the other guys but she does need more room. and our barn feed and hay stores are getting dangerously low, so tidying up the shed for a delivery of both needs to get done too. i need to work out a reasonable payment schedule for all the liability insurences due too so a trip to the insurence agent is first thing on my list.

i should probably look really closely at the money situation too...i think we are running out and might be in trouble soon...not sure what i will do about it but i should at least know that it is time to be freaking out.

we need to orientate a new staff member (who we still have to choose) because trina will be away for 6 weeks and we all know that i can no longer take care of everything around here without her so hiring someone good is critical to all of us here.

i think that is everything saints related (besides regular daily cleaning of house, barns, americats, bunnies and the usual animal care) and of course there is my personal stuff (like my laundry and paying the bills and getting a few groceries) blah, all the stuff that i hate.

i think it is important to have a plan in place, even if it is wishful thinking because it gives you a goal to work towards...and maybe you might almost get there but not quite.... which is better than not even trying cuz you do end up even further along than if you just sat around watching tv.

it works for me.



you can visit and watch tv but leave your 30 hairy beasts up north...we are full!
-43? who the hell lives where it is -43..i am definately never moving up north.

Stan~Turtle Gardens

aahhhhhh what you mean I can't sit and watch T.V. That's a drag, And make a plan Wow but the no money thing I get that's simple hahaha it's 43- here this mor can we come and visit me and my 30 or so furry friends. well I don't think we will all fit into the multipurpose room. Stan