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we say good things about ourselves and bad things about others, for one reason feel better about ourselves.

Carol  ·  Jan. 30, 2008

it is interesting to watch the message boards and watch which people get jumped on and by whom and in what way. it is pretty much always the same people jumping and the same people getting landed on time and time again. some do it veiled in politeness and reason, some do it with a knife in the back, others just bury their victims underneath a mountain of hate. it all means the same thing tho...someone doesn't like you, and i wonder sometimes if deep down they even really like themselves?

there are alot of double standards in rescue...quite a few BC rescues brought up animals from was ok for these animals to take BC homes...why? well because the humans who brought them here were hero's who went to Katrina and lived all that horror. hero's are allowed to do anything, but regular people are not.

it is not ok to pull and ship a dog stateside to BC and far away from the impending gas chamber...that just requires a cheque book and a car to get to the airport to pick up the dog...nothing about human heroics in that. we like people to think that hero's are special. and people who rescue animals will tell you of a long list of very sad stories and how they made those stories happy again. people in rescue have savior-syndrome...we always do such great and wonderous things...heck even bathing and grooming a stinky dog with matts or de-worming an animal becomes an act of heroism in the extreme. it really is not such a great big deal.

some people believe that BC dogs sometimes don't get homes and sometimes they die in the shelters because american dogs steal their homes.... which might be true, except no one in rescue admits that these dogs die in BC shelters because we mostly don't want those particular dogs for whatever reason anyway and no one had any intention of taking them home.....if even the BC rescues won't pull and don't want these we really think that joe public does instead? not likely...american dogs or no american one wants some of the dogs up here, not even rescue.

some people say that the rescues that bring dogs up from the states, make alot of money. the adoption fees are quite high, $400-$500...but bringing them here costs quite alot too. my cat hook was adopted from a high kill shelter in little ancient one-eyed cat cost $400 in transport fees just to get here...i would think dogs who need heartworm tests and rabies vaccines/vet health certificates plus shipping and transport from the states could cost significantly more...but maybe i am wrong on this, maybe these things all get done for free.

many of the opponents to bringing american dogs into canada have in one way or another, been involved in attempts to bring dogs across the border in the past. maybe it was ok then, but now it is not, altho i am not sure what has changed in the past few years.

the issues are only issues depending on who is involved...if you are part of the "in group" (or trying to get "in") you can pretty much do whatever you want...of course the question becomes what are you getting "in" to....and do you really want to be "in" that at all?

i always wonder if people ever consider what the rest of us think when it starts again with the same old, same old thing...same behaviors, different victim, different accusations and gossip. but the same tone of negative judgement...someone is doing something that someone else doesn't like.

i also wonder if people consider that animals are not put here as trophies or awards for us to wave around to make ourselves look good to someone else. i have been accused of blowing my own horn...but whenever have you heard me brag about giving a dog a bath, or making a wrecked dog perfect, or "saving" a dog from horrible abuse?..when have i laid hands on anyone and created some kind of miracle of rescue? hah, not likely...insert a picture of me gagging here ...i am not likely to do that because i am pretty truthful...i get someone else to bath and groom the dogs (bending over the tub hurts my back) and i get someone else to shave them too (because the last time i tried it i made cole bleed)...i never save a dog from anything, someone else did cuz they are the ones who sent them here....i just give them a nice place to live...and i certainly don't do rescue miracles, any of those are performed by the animals themselves. clyde is healing himself, i just take care of him while he does this. all i do is live with a bunch of not so perfect animals that i happen to love alot.....i think hero's do great things, bathing dogs, mopping up pee, being nice to the not so nice until they do become nice again, would not be one of those great things to me....but saving 30 or 40 dogs from a gas chamber across the border?, now i think that might be a pretty great thing to those 30-40 dogs.

sigh, long rambling tirade...all about what? nothing much, just about some more not very nice hot air.


Susan from Chicago

Hey Carol, not sure if these guys will be from Pahrump or kitties from BF to make room for Pahrump kitties - but either way we love the kitties that come from the desert - they have a greater sense of peace after having spent time at BF. I think it is a bit of a shock for them to encounter flatland city life though!

I think they look around and say "hey, what happened to my gorgeous view of the red rock canyons, where's the mountains?"


susan...are you guys getting pahrump cats? gosh the ones that came here are incredibly lovely!!!

Susan from Chicago

Speaking as an employee of a humane org. that is about to import about 25 kitties from Kanab, UT for a very good reason I understand the concerns. But I think the point is animals need to be saved and the less we fuss about where and how the more we can save.

Less fussing more saving.


Well I am one of those who thinks it's unfair to our local dogs to import more..... Yes the dogs being saved in the US appreciate it but what do you say to the ones sitting here or the ones here getting the needle? How do we explain to them that they just aren't as important enough, or cute enough? I don't understand importing 20-30 dogs when we can save double/triple that here for the cost of those.

I understand animals in need during a disaster and there were many unsung hero's during Katrina but there were also many who rode on the coat tails of it and still do.

We have dogs dying in our shelters that need us and I am a firm believer of cleaning up our own backyard first. A life is a life but what do we tell the lives here waiting, begging for homes and not wanting to die? How do you walk by their kennels and say sorry, I just saved 30 from the US, there is no room for you.


I adopted my sweet old Fred from the States and I would do so again in a heartbeat. Makes no differece where they come from, they all need love and security.

Stan~Turtle Gardens

Very well said once again carol, I so here what you are saying, every time we get caught up in the drama animals suffer,and die.Just because it takes so much out of us and we just can't take them in and we lose a few supporters and don't have the money to make trips to there new homes,and lose a few homes for them.We all forget when we spend time disagreeing animals "DIE" it's just that simple does it matter where they are why there where there are....... Stan


This type of mentality drives me crazy. If one dog or cat or rabbit or chicken finds a forever home with a caring person what does it matter where they came from? Animals do not subscribe to our borders and our nationalities. They know nothing of customs regulations or immigration laws or citizenship. They just want to live, love and be loved...much like us. I wish people would spare animals the burden of our politics and our human-created boundaries, whether geographical or in the mind.
If Canadian rescuers really want to be nationalistic then there are many more important battles we should be fighting. How about breeders, pet stores and puppy mills? More than any other group, these entities contribute to animals in shelters being killed. It is a simple matter of numbers. If breeders keep providing animals for sale many people will never consider the ones expiring in shelters around the country. So, why not stop picking on people who drive to Ohio for a dog and start questioning breeders or your neighbour whose dog had puppies but it's OK because she found good homes for all of them?
How about writing to the House of Commons Justice Committee which is RIGHT NOW (and without the knowledge of most of our citizens) debating the passing of Bill S-203 into our new Animal Cruelty Law, a law which has not been changed for over 100 years. This new Bill is a travesty and must not be allowed to pass as it does nothing to help animals and will prevent re-visiting the issue for another 100 years. How about writing to all levels of government and demanding that animals in Canada be taken out of the property section of the law and be put in their own category? You can visit for more info.
These are effective, important steps to take as Canadians to ensure the well-being of the animals in our country. Starting at home is always a good idea but let's choose battles that truly mean something for the animals and not engage in petty squabbling and back-stabbing while the root causes of animal overpopulation and abuse go unchallenged.


I brought my Panda up from the States. In all honesty I never gave it a thought that it was the "wrong" thing to do. I had contacted sheltie rescue here and was told bluntly that most likely I would not find a sheltie easily in rescue...and they directed me to the States..I wanted a sheltie or X as I had breed experience, like the breed, my hubby was on board for a sheltie. We already had our Belgian and a rescue Rotti X that no one wanted. I met a wonderful rescue woman in Montana who was fostering Panda after a totally unsocialized start in life and also enjoyed a lovely vacation while travelling to get her. Would I do it a heartbeat..I trust the rescuer now even more, I love the area and we have returned for a visit.., but I would also check out for a sheltie up here. Some may disagree with what I did but I really don't care...Panda lights up our lives and she got a great home and I sincerely doubt a dog died here because of what we did.

PS My friend in Idaho has taken Aussies from up here into her rescue . Lastly was Syd up in Rae's shelter in Salmon Arm and no one here would step up for it isn't always just a one way street.