Rescue Journal

so while chris is being tortured in the hospital...

Carol  ·  Jan. 31, 2008

i was chasing a freaking stupid cow down the road. percy barged the gate when the hay delivery guy was leaving tonight. there he was running and bucking his way into town. we finally chased him up into my driveway and cornered him by the front yard gate, and then i had to keep hitting him on the face with a switch to keep him from charging off again. it was horrible and he finally bowled past the hay guy who did not have a switch and ran back down the driveway so we could run after and chase him again.

just what i wanted to do after hauling around 40 bales of freaking heavy hay, running thru 2 feet of wet heavy snow to chase and beat up my poor stupid adolescent cow who thought he was just going to have a fun and youthful adventure. bad percy, that was not the least bit fun, that was dangerous!

i almost might have preferred to be tortured in a hospital bed...but not quite....altho i thought we might have to call an ambulance cuz i thought my heart was about to explode!

then chris and i could have shared a room...that might have been nice.



well i hope you just picture it like a silent movie cuz the audio track while i am chasing bad cows is definately x rated.


I am sorry Carol...I know this must have been awful and scarey and could have had a terrible ending but...why can't I stop laughing out loud? I must be a terrible person...But I just keep on laughing out loud!! You are too good with your discriptions and I can just picture it...


Percy, doood, didn't they teach you in calf school that running from the best home yooo could ever hope to have is a stooopid mooove? Yooo had better be careful or Carol will tell Jeanette on yooo.