Rescue Journal

another today, we have lot of those.

Carol  ·  Feb. 1, 2008

so after the trauma of 2 near death experiences, both within a couple of nerves were shot and i just went to bed and did not get thru all of the, that will suck.

sweet pea is still sleeping and i have not been out yet to see percy the dork, but at least dexter was a good boy and is alive and well this morning...i will be grateful for that.

today is the day that i have to make the decision about both bond and missy's lives. i am going to pop down to the vets right now and go and see james bond. if he is not better and needs to be let go, i will probably come home and get missy too. if he can wait just one more day for a possible miracle, then missy is ok for living one more day. but i will have to let her go by tomorrow i think because she is too close to try to wait any longer than that.



Sorry for all your troubles there, Carol. And I am very, very sad about Missy. She is one of my favourites with her little paw waving in the air.